Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Ancient One - Help - P. A. Nolte

1/ Hel.  Tartarus.  Who can tell the difference anymore?  This is The Casino of Erebus, where the recently (and not so recently) deceased desperately gamble for a way back.  Business is booming.

CAP: The Casino of Erebus

2/ The Ancient One sits at a slot machine decked out like a Grecian temple.

--- (OP): Yo!  Old man!  Are you "The Ancient One?"

3/ The Ancient One winces as he draws another coin from the bucket beside him.

--- (OP): O'Grady!  Show some respect!

--- (OP): What for?  Just another dead guy playing Match 3...

4/ The Ancient One has pulled the lever and started to turn around.  His clothes have started to swirl around him, shifting from a more relaxed fit set of robes befitting his... retirement.

--- (OP): Yeah, well.  We ain't exactly full of pep and vitality ourselves.  Besides, if this guy can get us back into action--

--- (OP): Ugh.  Always taking Jolly Green's side.

--- (OP): "Jolly Green?"  O'Grady, I will remind you again--

5/ Manifesting his traditional robes and helm, The Ancient One is angry.  He was just about to win.  He was sure.  But now he's being interrupted by these... miscreants.

The Ancient One: Enough!  This is how you seek counsel?!  With the mindless contretemps of squabbling babes?!

6/ In the midst of the casino are Wolverine, the Irredeemable Ant-Man, and Bruce Banner, doing his very best to suppress the massive form of his monstrous alter ego.

Wolverine: Sorry to interrupt your fun, Gramps.  We need a favor.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Ancient One: Everything is Ancient--David Press.


We’re going to open on the original comic version of the Ancient One and its cringe-worthy version. Captions will be the Ancient’s One’s narration.
CAPTION:                             The thing about being ancient is it comes in a variety of forms.

1.2 CUT TO:
The movie version of the character played by TILDA SWINTON. I guess just a screencap of that moment where she’s knocking Cumberswaffle out of his body.

A ball of dust on the floor.  
CAPTION:                             Sometimes it can be lint trapped in your navel, or old food in the refrigerator.
A look on Tilda Swinton’s face: smiling to the side and giving side-eye to the reader.

CAPTION:                             Ancient is a figure of speech.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Ancient One - Serious Task of Learning - Perry Kent

I'll admit that I know little of Doctor Strange or The Ancient One. I did recently see the movie and this is meant to be a slight nod to the movie.

Panel 1
Interior, day, stone building. The Ancient One stands patiently just behind Doctor Strange, who is seated at a table (that we can not yet see). Strange concentrates one what he is doing with his hands, though it is not yet visible to the reader. They are inside a stone room with wooden tables and benches around.


Panel 2
Strange throws his hands in the air in exasperation. The Ancient One continues to look on patiently. Strange's task is still not shown.

1. STRANGE: This is damned hopeless! I'll never get this right.

Panel 3
The Ancient One places a hand on Strange's shoulder as though to comfort or console him. Strange massages his temples with one hand.

2. ANCIENT ONE: The road to perfection has many bumps and turns. But the journey is worth more than the destination.

Panel 4
Strange stands up suddenly. The Ancient One looks at him in surprise. The table that Strange was sitting at is still obscured from view.

3. STRANGE: Fine!

Panel 5
Strange walks away from the table, revealing a full tea set with various bottles of herbs and spices. Strange has a small caldron in hand, as might be used to heat water.

4. STRANGE: But I need to heat more water if we're going to go further down this tea making "road".

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Ancient One - Lessons Learned - Grant McLaughlin

1 - An image of Dr. Strange's original pilgrimage to the Ancient One's temple to learn the ways of magic.  Dr. Strange is haughty and overconfident; the Ancient One is calm and serene.

CAPTION (THE ANCIENT ONE): "It is not a simple matter to take on an apprentice."

2 - Jump forward in time in Dr. Strange's training.  Dr. Strange lies on the ground, having been overwhelmed in an attempt to cast a light spell.  He looks disheartened and defeated.  The Ancient One stands nearby, having successfully cast the same light spell, which burns brightly above their hands.

CAPTION (THE ANCIENT ONE): "It's not that a good student should never make mistakes."

3 - Jump forward in time to Dr. Strange being his own hero.  He is in a similar position on the ground, but he has a small shield of light above his head, which blocks some negative energy being cast at him by Baron Mordo.  Dr. Strange grits his teeth in determination.

CAPTION (THE ANCIENT ONE): "But that they have the strength to recover and learn from them."

4 - Jump forward in time again.  Dr. Strange stands tall, casting a cascading wall of light towards Dormammu, who floats ahead in the darkness.  This should be outside, at a distance where it's still clear who both characters are but also at a remove where the scale of what Dr. Strange is doing is also clear.

CAPTION (THE ANCIENT ONE): "Ideally, they will not only surpass the master."

5 - Shot of planet Earth from space.  A huge halo of light surrounds the planet.  Whether or not this is a leap forward in time is immaterial.  To the side, an enormous, ghostly version of the Ancient One watches on, satisfaction on their face as they fade away.

CAPTION (THE ANCIENT ONE): "They'll also light the world long after we've faded away."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Ancient One - Origin – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: Location - Kamar-Taj, a long time ago. The ANCIENT ONE (movie version) sits in front of a character who resembles the comic version of the Ancient One, referred to here as the ELDER ONE. Here, the ANCIENT ONE is stylized towards an appearance fitting her Celtic heritage, rather than that of a wise master as seen in the movie.

ELDER ONE (1): The power you seek cannot be found here.

ELDER ONE (2): To the contrary, the power you seek it not a power I can allow to fall into the hands of anyone.

Panel 2: Continuation of PANEL 1, focusing towards ANCIENT ONE.

ELDER ONE (1): Revenge is not something we condone here at Kamar-Taj.

ANCIENT ONE: <Revenge? I haven’t said anything about revenge.>

ELDER ONE (2): You didn’t have to.

Panel 3: Continuation of PANEL 2, focusing towards ELDER ONE.

ELDER ONE (1): You think you’re the first one to come here with a tale of woe and an ambiguous desire to set things right?

ELDER ONE (2): What you don’t say and how you choose not to say it says far more than you think.

Panel 4: Focus on ELDER ONE, with a great cosmic display behind him.

ELDER ONE (1): We can train you to heal. We can help you to move on in life. We can even give you new purpose in life.

ELDER ONE (2): But what we deal in here requires a dedication to something far greater than ones self. You cannot possibly imagine the utter insignificance of each of us compared to what we have dedicated ourselves to here.

ELDER ONE (3): And it is something for which there is no room for revenge or any other petty forms of self-declared vengeance.

ELDER ONE (4): No.

ELDER ONE (5): Room.

ELDER ONE (6): At.

ELDER ONE (7): All.


Why The Ancient One?

Mostly, it’s because I realized that we forgot to do a prompt for the release of Doctor Strange a few weeks back and, with Strange himself already having been chosen, the Ancient One seemed the next best choice (which should be a fairly evident thing if you’ve seen the movie. And if you haven’t yet for whatever reason, can I recommend that you do?)

It wouldn’t be quite accurate to say that everyone needs a mentor. Tony Stark got by without one, and for all his issues, he does relatively fine for himself all things considered.

But making this far easier? That’s something that having a mentor unquestionably does do. Someone to pass along their knowledge, someone to point you in the right direction when you’re accidentally heading down the wrong path, someone to be there to answer your questions when you’re lost and confused.

Learning the mystic arts – or how to be a doctor – may take years of studying and practices, but it’s made far easier with the assistance of someone who actually knows what they’re doing, that person who already has those years of study and practice behind them. And in whatever form they may come, The Ancient One is that to Doctor Strange.

Plus, if you dare to take on the movie version? You’ve got yourself a character with a largely untouched on back story. Hints and details may have been given about her existence before the movie, and there’s always a possibility said details may be filled in more in future movies, but for now? It’s potentially a very fertile space to work with.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

HOPE--David Press.


1.1: Opening on a perfectly normal suburban house in a flat suburban street.
CAPTION:                             Everything changes and recycles.

1.2: Inside the house, in the living room to be precise a family plays with an INFANT on a play mat. GRANDMA, GRANDPA, and MOM sit around the baby on the mat. The baby is kicking and cooing and generally being happy.
CAPTION:                             But certain things stay the same. That’s where hope lives.

1.3: Pan to the left of the previous panel and there is an UNCLE, AUNT, and FATHER of the infant. They’re watching the infant’s 1-YEAR-OLD cousin stomp around like Godzilla through some blocks.
CAPTION:                             In the sameness. When you feel like change you throw out what didn’t work and try something new.