Sunday, May 9, 2010

It Starts With Words - You Can't Kill Words

The following was what I wrote to the initial members upon their looking to join. It's no speech from Braveheart but it still worked on these fine upstanding lads. It is redacted and unnecessary for public viewing. I have kept it for posterity, so if you absolutely must, fine, go ahead. I won't stop you.

Hello team,

If you are here it means I've asked you to come. So, thank you for taking me up on the offer. Kick your feet up, get comfortable, mix a drink, and make yourselves at home because for the foreseeable future this may very well be a new place of residence for you. It's nice to see so many new faces around here.

What's the idea? It's simple. Each week we pick one comic book character, and we each take turns at getting to pick this character, and then we each churn out one page of comic script about this character. Our scripts don't need to relate to each other, they don't have to be set in continuity, though they can be, I've covered most of this in the link above, The Rules. Go check it out and get yourself acquainted with the parameters of this project.

We'll then post our scripts throughout the week, whenever we get them done really, and who knows what can happen from there. Ultimately, I think this will be a lot of fun. We'll get to see the crazy ideas we each come up with (fun), we'll get to test ourselves each week with new characters, some of which we might not be familiar with (fun), we'll get to put our writing out there for the public to view and critique, politely (fun), and who knows, one of us might even get some writing work out of this showcase (FUN!). I don't see any downsides, really, so long as we keep thick hides. If no one else even reads this site then at least we'll have each other and it can be a bit of a writers' group, comic specific, and I don't know about you all but round my parts there aren't any options like that.

After reading through The Rules, and thinking about the sort of activity this would be, and time commitment, if you think you'd be up for the challenge then send me a message and we can talk things over. I'm looking for a few good men to join me on this trip. Might only be a handful of us, or there could be a baker's dozen. I'm happy to see how we go.

Think it over, it's only the world, and those worlds in between, that hang in the balance.


Ryan K Lindsay

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