Monday, May 31, 2010

Molecule Man – Trial and Errors – Ryan K Lindsay

1. We see a house, not unlike any other house, it’s just one in a suburb. The suburb looks neat, but empty.  The houses are shells, there’s no life here. Clean, crisp, cookie cutter. This is a tall, rectangle establishing panel on the left with two thin panels sitting on the right of it, should take up half a page. We should be able to see a woman standing in the window in silhouette.
Owen Reece: You wouldn’t think it would be so hard. An infinite power should present infinite possibilities.
2. Reece is sitting in a lounge chair, he looks pretty relaxed, he’s slightly younger, this is taking place in his time in exile.
Reece: But that also means an infinite amount of possible errors.
3. Reece is talking and pointing all around him at items in the room. Fill the room with whatever you like.
Reece: Can you imagine what it takes to make absolutely everything around you? It takes the powers of a god but the patience of something much stronger.
4. A wide panel of Reece walking to a table. There is a hat on it.
Reece: Everything, everything, is constructed by me. Maybe even from me.
Reece: I can’t guarantee exactly where those before you came from, but as you look around you can see where they are now.
5. We see the female in the room with Reece. We don’t see all of her, but she seems nice enough. She’s wearing a deep blue sweater and has a nice swirly orange scarf on. If orange doesn’t match with blue then take it up with Reece, he’s the idiot who created all this. The chair he was sitting on before is in the background.
Reece: The very first man I made became that chair I love so much.
Reece: The last girl I tried is now in the kitchen, pretty funny when you think about it.
6. Reece is walking towards the girl with the hat in his hand, he’s sort of reaching it out towards her.
Reece: All I want is a perfect creation to hang my hat on, metaphorically.
Reece: So, until then, I’ll hang my hat on you.
7. Reece is walking away and his hat now sits on a coat rack that stands where the woman had been. The coat rack is a deep blue and there is an orange sweater on one of the hooks.
Reece: Literally.
Reece: …
Reece: Que sera.

This scene takes place in the other-dimensional world that Uatu, the Watcher, confines the Molecule Man to after his defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four.

We know that while there he created a person who he somehow imbued with consciousness, and that this person eventually went on to believe he was the son of the Molecule Man. I figure he probably had a few cracks at making a person to live with before that one, and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you make a few women to live with.

And if it doesn’t work out then just hat rack them.

I bet he probably made a dog too but eventually turned it into a tv or a beer fridge, man’s true best friends.


  1. Cool, it paints a pretty creepy picture of him. I can see this as the opening pages of a story arc that brings him back as an all-out villain.

  2. Great work Ryan. Love the total detachment Owen has from the human life he made. It gives us the knowledge to see where his thoughts are at this point - that he still has a villainous way of thinking.

    Great job my man!

  3. Ivan summed this up with one word: creepy. I love the direction of this; to me it feels like the start of a character study, like we might be about to really get into the mind of this guy.

    Awesome stuff.

  4. Very Twilight Zone dude!!!!! When the chick starts talking too much turn her mouth into an arm pit. Creepy but works!! Well done!

  5. See the dangers of not reading anyone else's scripts before you post your own - ouch, Ryan, you beat me to it. Well, some of it. I loved your take though, as James says it's very TZ... kinda like that episode that starred Bill Mumy as the kid with infinite power. That one freaked me out as a kid.

  6. Heh... part of the beauty of running a site like Elephant Words - you start to parse similar ideas, with completely different tone, as being totally different from each other.

    Which is my way of saying I can see that this and Rol's story have similarities, but they're really SO different from each other that I might not have noticed, if you two hadn't!

    Lovely, melancholy, and dark - I think the main thing that turns this from sad to creepy, or keeps it dark instead of pulpy horror, is the fact that you've kept the girl very much suggested and half in-panel - if she was a total silhouette, or emotionless on-camera mannequin, MM is pathetic and sad. Fully in-panel and terrified, he's Movie Frankenstein.

    Perfectly pitched, sir. Ace.

  7. It's like I've always said: nothing creepier than a suburban neighborhood.

    No complaints from my side.


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