Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blonde Phantom – Blonde Ambition – Ryan K Lindsay

1. A man is propped up in bed. He’s a well built man, good looking, ruffled sex-hair, the covers only up to his waist. There is a lamp on by the bedside, his gun in the shoulder holster hangs next to it off the bed post.
Caption: Ever since the cowboys it’s been a man’s need to ride.
Caption: We ride on planes to cross the nation to take down criminals.

2. The man’s hand is reaching out to his bedside table where we can see a glass one-third full of whiskey. Through that glass is a napkin with a message scrawled on it in lipstick: ‘The Alley. Now.’
Caption: We ride cross town in cabs to meet wives who hate us and kids who don’t know us.

3. The man is sipping from his glass as he watches a sexy and naked girl walk across the foreground of the panel. We don't see much of her, just a flash of skin.
Caption: We ride flunkies til we get what we need from them.

4. The lady is standing by the window of the room and slipping back into her fantastic red dress. We should see some of her in the reflection in the window, she’s gorgeous.
Caption: Then we ride ourselves for never being what we know no one could ever be.

5. The lady is holding up her hair and leaning over to kiss the man, or perhaps whisper something in his ear.
Caption: But it’s rare to be the one who’s taken for a ride.

6. The lady is walking away and putting on her black domino mask. She has a smile on her face and in the background the man is still in the same position, glass in his hand, though now his shoulder holster no longer has a gun in it.
Caption: And she didn’t even need a saddle, just a few words.
Blonde Phantom: Thanks.


  1. Ah, you're in your element here, Ryan - I can see Sean Phillips drawing this. I'm not exactly sure what's happened, but that's the mystery I'm sure the rest of the tale would unravel.

    Lose the apostrophe from cowboys and you're golden.

  2. It's more about what really didn't happen, Rol. Nothing on this page should be taken at face value. Well, the naked girl could be, but even then...

    Hope this page isn't too obscure and smug.

  3. I can tell the script is good without even reading, because there's a naked girl in it. :P

    Great work as usual, Ryan.


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