Sunday, June 20, 2010

Doctor Doom - The Fall of Doom - James McNeill

It's still Saturday here!

This is another end of an issue, or possibly even a series of issues. I love stories about Latveria, which we don't often see except from the perspective of Doom's castle -- but it is a nation of people who may not love Doom, but seem to respect him as their leader. This takes place after a battle between some superhero group and Doom, which the people living nearest Doom's castle have been observing.

The Fall of Doom

1. Doom's castle, as seen from the woods below. This should dominate the first third of the page. No flag flies in the ramparts; no guards are on the walls. It's a sunny day, and the woods are green.

And as for Doom?

2. Front of the castle. Second third of the page. The gates are open but the courtyard is empty; to the side and in the background, walking back toward the town, is a large procession, carrying banners and dressed to mourn.

He did terrible things in his time. But yet...

3. Inside the courtyard, a statue of Doom. He stands in a stately pose, cloak flowing majestically behind him. A multitude of flowers lie at his feet and on the ground around the statue's base.

CAPTION his own way, he did love his country.


  1. That's an interesting take, as I'm sure plenty Latverians think he's done wonders for the economic crisis, or solved the gypsy problem, or who knows what else. It happens in our countries today, why not in Latveria too.

    I also like the economy of panels and words. Very well done.

  2. (Hey James, sorry if my "Why [NEXT CHARACTER]" post showed up there for a second, i was trying to time schedule it, and failed. Repeatedly. Should appear in a couple of hours now though)

  3. I have always wondered why the people of Latveria had never revolted against Doom. Your script shines some light on it.

    It makes me think that I should have written my alternate script, where a Latvarian citizen travels to New York and cannot understand why his monarch is seen as a villain.

    Good stuff James.

  4. oh man, I'm in love with this. always nice to see a bookend to a story rather than the beginning or one-page story on here too. This is the sort of angle I'd like explored more fully in actual Marvel books, so seeing it come to thoughtballoons is pretty awesome

  5. I think this was partly explored by John Byrne at one point, with Latverians turning and attacking the FF for constantly invading their country and attacking their leader... but not from this particular angle. I can almost see it as the end of a Doom time travel / alternate reality epic, and it got me thinking a lot about what might have come before.


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