Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr Doom - Doom by Candlelight - Simon McDonald

1.  The scrawled writing from William 'Billy' Walter's notebook:

"Every reporter dreams of it.
The story that establishes their name amongst the elite journalists of history.
The story that wins them a Pulitzer; that get's them a book deal; appearances on television.
Maybe even a movie.
The story that sets them up for life, solidifies their credibility, and guarantees a future in the business."

* The next three panels are identically shaped and sized *

2. Ben Urich, typing at his desk. Behind him, faded, is Norman Osborn in his Green Goblin gear, mask off, eyes bulging psychotically, in the midst of one of his maniacal laughs.

(Billy Walter's handwriting, continued)
"For Ben Urich, it was his outing of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin."

3. Betty Brant, typing at her desk. Behind her, faded, is Roderick Kingsley in his Hobgoblin gear, mask off.

"Betty Brant outed Roderick Kingsley as the Hobgoblin."

4. Jospeh Robinson, typing at his desk. Behind him, faded, is Tombstone, looking his typically menacing self.

"Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson got his job as Editor-in-Chief of the Bugle because of his history with Tombstone."

5. The scrawled writing from Billy Walter's notebook:

"This is going to be my big break."

6. Inside Doctor Doom's castle in Latveria. We're in the Great Hall, lavishly decorated, dominated by a long wooden table and two chairs on either end. Billy Walters, dressed immaculately, clean-shaven, and looking altogether professional, sits at one end of the table - and at the other end sits Doctor Doom, a goblet in his hand. Between them, centered on the table, is a candleholder, six candles providing ominous lighting.

"An exclusive one-on-one interview with Doctor Doom."

7. Billy Walters is sitting in a dimly-lit cell; his hair is long and untidy, he's unshaven, and his 'immaculate suit' is disheveled and dirty. He's sitting at a table, writing in his notebook.

"And as soon as he let's me out of here - -
- - this is what's going to get me my Pulitzer."

* William 'Billy' Walters first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #235 and - based on my research (if you can call a Google search that) last appeared in The Sensational Spider-Man #31 (Vol. 1) *


  1. Brubaker & Raimondi's Books of Doom kinda did a very similar thing (interview with Doom as a framing device), but I'm liking how this lead-in works, great use of an established character

  2. Oh really?!
    Ouch, my first unoriginal idea! Honestly, I had no idea.

  3. Simon, you set up so much in this page, it works really well. I like the idea that "And as soon as he let's me out of here..." that just tells you so much of what Doom will not be doing. Bastard that he is.

    Sadly, yeah, Brubaker's Books of Doom did pit a journo against Doom in his castle. I guess that means your brain works the same as Bru's, congrats on that.

  4. If I've got time I'll post my alternate Dr Doom script in this comments section during the week.

    And if *that's* not original, well... I may cry.

  5. The important thing to remember here is that the scripts aren't about originality as much as the writing skill involved, and you've demonstrated that with aplomb

  6. I concur with Max here.

    Well done!

  7. I liked it Simon. Hell, anything with Norman in it is hard for me not too like (and yes, I did enjoy THAT panel of Norman and Gwen in Sins Past - purely for how ridiculous it is).

    It's quick, it's punchy and as one who has not read the particular Brubaker book I really dug it.

    Good stuff.

  8. Yeah, don't worry about the idea having been done - it was different enough to work and there really is no such thing as an original idea anymore. It's all in the execution... as I'm sure Billy will soon discover.


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