Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr Doom – Magnanimous – Ryan K Lindsay

1-- We come into the scene of a home birth in a cheap Latverian home. The mother is on the massive kitchen table, absolutely pummelled by the experience. The man is standing next to her cradling the new baby in his bloody arms.
Caption: This scene takes place somewhere in the Latverian Moors.
Man: ~You are the greatest thing in the world, little one.~
Caption: Around the time when I was working my way to the apex of the Tibetan idea of Nirvana.

2-- The man is bending over towards his wife, their foreheads touching in a sweet moment as they pause to enjoy the new life.
Man: ~You are so much more than I ever thought of.~
Caption: This moment would only come into my interest decades later.

3-- The man is smiling down at the child, he is possibly the happiest man alive at that moment.
Man: ~You will be everything to me and I will do my best to be, and do, everything for you.~
Caption: I would have to go back and make a correction.

4-- Dr Doom is appearing in the corner of the room. He’s still, a menacing look on his grilled up face.
Caption: I would have to take this child. The first Latverian with a power from within.
Caption: People might never understand why I have done this. But I do nothing for the common man.

5-- Doom is behind the man, who has dropped to his knees, and is choking him. It looks real, painful, nasty.
Caption: They would not be able to make such a choice. To train a child to become something better…

6-- Doom walks out the door of the hut, the baby swaddled in his robe, the mother screaming from her table and throwing a bloody rag while the man lies dead on the floor.
Caption: Or kill her before she becomes what we all fear.


  1. Wow. Doom is a bastard. Still, his single-minded arrogance and means to an end way of thinking shine through. Great work.

  2. Once again, I'd love to know where this one was going. Another gripping opener, Ryan.

  3. Is that the first Latverian mutant? Sounds like we can expect the X-Men at any moment!

    Great work again Ryan, you guys are always upping the ante.

  4. I wanna know if this is the first Latverian mutant too! (or ya know, a first Killcrop birth, a la Madrox's true nature).

    I have to say, this is probably the most emotionally soliciting a work I've seen from you so far. You've truly got a grip on how to manipulate the feelings of your readers here. But then birth is the experience most people either look forward to or remember fondly in all its magic and such

  5. In my research I found that there (allegedly) had never been a Latverian mutant, so yes, this is the first of such a breed. I was going to have Cable zoom in and take her further in time to be safe and have Doom chase them, but that felt slightly....derivative. :_


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