Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mephisto - 4th Wall - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Classic John Buscema Mephisto sits on a red throne, surrounded by demons. He's staring directly at us over steepled fingers, a slight smile curling one corner of his mouth.

MEPHISTO: No introductions are necessary.

MEPHISTO: If you've been reading these stories as long as I think you have, you know my name.

Panel Two.

He changes to mad, tentacle-faced John Romita Jr. Mephisto, a huge face leaning into the panel with tiny chains of tortured demons burning in the background.

MEPHISTO: You'll believe me too, when I say... I know you. All you are in this world.. all your sins... all your desires.

MEPHISTO: I'm here today to offer you a trade - one for the other. But it's not the deal you think it is.

Panel Three.

Main panel. Suddenly he's a far more human Mephisto in a scarlet business suit, sitting at a desk with a briefcase open in front of him. He's Business-Mephisto... you thought the other two were bad! He's staring into the briefcase as he rearranges some papers, talking without looking at us. Behind him, everyday office furniture.

MEPHISTO: It's a little game I sometimes play, when there aren't any superheroes, gods or galactic heralds to torment.

MEPHISTO: The one you desire most in this world. I don't even care enough to ascertain whether it's your spouse, your lover, or some secret fancy you've never confessed to anyone.

MEPHISTO: On the stroke of midnight, they will know your mind. Every dark secret. Every grubby corner. Every shameful thought you've ever withheld. Unless...

Panel Four.

He pushes an airline ticket towards us across the desk. His smile now is almost benevolent. He's offering us an out, after all.

MEPHISTO: Unless you take this ticket. Pack a bag, catch a taxi to the airport, get on a plane to far, far away... where you'll never see them again.

Panel Five.

Having closed his briefcase, he stands to leave. This meeting is over. He smiles a genuine farewell.

MEPHISTO: It's a straightforward offer. A simple decision. I'll leave you to make up your mind. Till midnight, then...


  1. Damn, forget the script look at the proposal. What a devilish bastard you are, Rol. Evil. I completely dig the idea, and each person who reads it would think into him/herself about what would happen if every thought was given to his/her loved one. It's probably not something most, if any, of us would want to happen.

    I absolutely love the first two panels, two very great takes on the character, but I',m interested to see what the business Mephisto looks like. Very interested. Great work, mate.

  2. This is actually based on a short story I've been struggling to finish for about five years. The deal's a bit different to the one offered here, it features completely different characters, but I know exactly how it ends... yet I just can't seem to finish the bugger.

    As for 'business Mephisto', that's one for the artist. I'm sure any artist worth their salt can come up with something far more interesting than I could ever describe - that's the beauty of comics as a collaborative process.

  3. I imagine Bussiness Mephisto as Jason Blood in a suit. At least that's how I'd draw him.

    Very haunting piece, Rol. Congratulations. A very compelling story done in only one page.

  4. Rol - a word has yet to be invented to describe how totally awesome this piece is. Love it, great work!

  5. Thank you both.

    Ivan - Mephisto would make a business suit out of Jason Blood's rhyming hide and wear it till it died.

  6. Mephisto/Etrigan. Now there's a crossover I'd like to see.

  7. Man, the second it hit business suit Mephisto I went into Mafia story mindset and it got even more serious. I'd love to see where it goes.

    The five panels easily fit to the page in my mind and the text isn't too heavy. You're really in the swing of the format now


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