Saturday, June 5, 2010

Molecule Man - Head Games - James McNeill

This is the end of an issue that takes place in the nebulous near future. Earlier in, vehicles have been disappearing off of roads somewhere in rural middle America, and someone (Avengers-associated, probably, though possibly also X-Factor) has gone looking into it. In the end they found a few survivors who described their vehicles simply disintegrating around them. Back at SHIELD, Steve Rogers had his people look into what known beings possessed that power, and Owen Reese the Molecule Man was first on that list.

Victoria Hand, on the page previous, said "But with powers like his..."

James McNeill

1. A residential road, lined with trees, in autumn. Red and yellow leaves line the pavement, and the trees are looking pretty bar. A man walks down the sidewalk, in a brown coat and purple scarf, looking subdued. His back is to us.

Victoria Hand (O.S.)
...I'd be halfway across the galaxy by now.

2. The man waves as two women walking their dogs pass him, they wave back, still deep in conversation.

3. Back in the SHIELD conference room. MARIA HILL, STEVE ROGERS, and CAROL DANVERS sit around the table; Victoria Hand faces them, silhouetted.

He's still a threat.

A threat that might not even exist.

4. They all stand up, gathering papers, other effects.

If he shows up, we'll take him down.

5. The man turns around and smiles, showing lightning markings on his face that reveal him to be OWEN REESE.

CAPTION: (Steve continuing speaking) "But for now there's no sign of him."

6. Owen waves a hand, and the two women walking their dogs begin to disintegrate -- still smiling and talking, not even noticing.

7. The road is mostly gone now, leaving only the trees behind, and there are almost no leaves at all. Owen walks through the empty land, the remains of the town fading away around him. He's still smiling.

Welcome home.


  1. Sounds like he's well lost his mind. I like it, and having that as the end of an issue is a pretty creepy send off. I love the way you set it up too.

    This script is pretty low key, but it's a coda to a story so I think that fits. Well in, mate,

  2. I like it. it has a good feeling of suspense and has a decent pay-off. I don't really have any criticism to level at it either, which is always good. nice stuff

  3. That's creepy as a really creepy thing, and an excellent final page, James.

  4. I think some more visual description would be good. Other than that an awesome teaser :D


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