Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Molecule Man - House of Molecule - Matt Duarte

Molecule Man in "House of Molecule" by Matt Duarte

This page is to be laid out in seven panels, divided in three sections. The top part of the page has two panels, the middle has one very large panel with an inset panel in it, and the bottom has three panels. This story is not set in any particular time frame, and works better if you imagine someone like Sergio Aragones or Colleen Coover is providing the art. The tone is light hearted, as the script should make clear.

Panel 1

Description: Molecule Man is wearing his standard purple and green outfit, although with no helmet. He's walking on a green hill, the sun is out and there is not a single cloud in the blue sky. He's walking happily, having a good time, and singing as he enjoys his day.

MOLECULE MAN (singing, with music symbols): Molecule Man, Molecule Man, does whatever a molecule can! Bonds atoms, any size, catches electrons just like flies! Look out, here comes the...

(interrupting) OFF-PANEL CHARACTER: Particle Man!

MOLECULE MAN (speaking): ...what the?

Panel 2

Description: Still in the same hill, with Molecule Man in the background, angry at the interruption. In the foreground, there's two characters wearing brightly colored jumpsuits, fighting as they stumble across the hill. One of them is wearing a yellow jump suit, with a big atom logo in it's chest, and the other one is wearing a red jumpsuit, with a big triangle in his chest.

CAPTION (on the first stranger): Particle Man. Does whatever a Particle can.

CAPTION (on the second stranger): Triangle Man. Does whatever a Triangle can.

MOLECULE MAN (shouting): What are you doing?! Get out! This is my story! You shouldn't be here!

Panel 3

Description: Big wide screen panel as Molecule Man turns around, standing in the hill, only to see a huge group of costumed characters, all battling across the blue sky. From left to right, Spider-Man swinging battling Sandman, Iron Man flying battling Titanium Man, a man in a blue jumpsuit with two M's in his chest battling a younger man in a black jumpsuit with the initials KM, and a man in a black bat jumpsuit battling a man in a blue jumpsuit that has a big red and yellow S logo in his chest.

CAPTION (first couple of characters): Spider-Man & Sandman. Does whatever a spider/sand can.

CAPTION (second couple of characters): Iron Man & Titanium Man. Does more than whatever iron/titanium can.

CAPTION (third couple of characters): M(CENSORED) Man & Kid M(CENSORED) Man. Does whatever miracles can.

CAPTION (fourth couple of characters): (CENSORED)man & (CENSORED)man. Does whatever the lawyers let us.

MOLECULE MAN (shouting): Oh no... no, no no! Go away all of you!

Panel 4

Description: This is a smaller inset on the previous panel, vertical across the bottom, underneath the Molecule Man from the previous panel. In it, we can only see Molecule Man's lips and the area around them.

MOLECULE MAN (whispering): No more (NOUN) Men.

Panel 5

Description: Molecule Man is at the center of the hill, and a big white explosion is forming and washing over the rest of the participants. We can't see any of the other characters any more, just black silhouettes, as they are being dematerialized by the explosion.

Panel 6

Description: Molecule Man is now standing at the center of the hill, completely by himself. He is looking around, relieved.

Panel 7

Description: Molecule Man is walking away from the reader, and much like in the first panel, he is once again happy. He is going down the hill, and singing again.

MOLECULE MAN (singing, with music symbols): Molecule Man, Molecule Man, does whatever a molecule can...

The End


  1. Hah. Prety good, Matt. Great approach.

    Nice to see that we have four scripts, four very distinctive approches and so far they all work. There's a character with an interesting range of possibilities.

  2. Damn, that was pretty cool. You fit in all the beats but none of it feels forced, it just works well, and it's actually pretty funny. That's big wins in lots of columns.

    Pretty sure Bendis would hate you for the lift, but you're covered under satire, so should be right.

    Very cool work!

  3. Oh, this was good; loved the humor, not a direction I would've thought to take at all.

    Well done, man! Awesome stuff.

  4. That was a load of fun, Matt. They Might Be Giants would be proud.

  5. Awesome. Loved the censored bars.

    What is more, I could see this as a look into the mind of Owen, slowly being driven mad by the immensity of his powers.

    As for the nod to Bendis - imitation is the highest form of flattery (you'll see why next week).

  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys.

    @Rol: Oh god, I'm glad someone caught the They Might Be Giants reference (or maybe everyone else didn't mention it). The first idea for the script was just Molecule Man fighting Particle Man, then Triangle Man, etc. but in the end I wanted to go for something that everyone would get.

    And I'll be honest, I took the humorous route because I had never read anything about the character at all. Just Wiki and random panels I've stumbled across before.


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