Saturday, June 26, 2010

Superman - Dual Steel - Brandon Whaley

I apologize in advance.

(There will be two different caption boxes used in this script. The first one needs to be easily related to Superman, perhaps red/blue/yellow in color, with the first one having a small s-shield at the bottom corner. The second needs to be green/black or green/gray and have a more formal font to it. These will be referred to as Caption A and Caption B.)

This is not the first page. On the page prior we saw from an aerial view a lovely countryside, with medieval-esque courtyards expanding in front of a majestic castle. There are green and gray flags flying everywhere.

This page would consist of four panels, one across the top, two in the middle, and one across the bottom.

Panel 1:

We see a much closer shot of the courtyards, with a loud THUD and a large cloud of dust coming from an impact point in the very middle of the yard.

Caption A (continued from previous page): “-not to mention how beautiful and pristine it is here. Hard to believe an area like this houses such evil.”

Panel 2:

This shot would be along the ground. We would see red boots striding along the path on the courtyard with the castle in the near distance. His red cape flaps in the breeze. The shot is from his right, with his legs to the left of the panel and the courtyard in the right. Various villagers would be standing about, their bartering and idle chatter put on halt by this stranger in their midst. Most of them are looking at him wide eyes and jaws agape.

Caption A: “I can't believe nothing has been done about this before. This...this MADMAN is allowed to run free and conduct his mad experiments, all in the name of diplomatic immunity.”

Caption A: “I'm all for leaving things be if possible, but there comes a time someone must make a stand. Someone has to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. If the heroes of this world won't do it...”

Panel 3:

This panel is the opposite of Panel 2. We have someone striding on the right side of the panel. We see his gray metal boots walking through the interior of the castle. A tattered green cloak waves behind him in his haste.

Caption B: “What's this? How DARE this mere man intrude on me and my people right in our own front YARD! This is MY land!”

Caption B: “I rule this country! Me! The guards all act like simpering cowards in his presence, but that will change soon. This UPSTART is going down. The guards want to whimper behind their shields in puddles of their own urine instead of doing their jobs. But if they won't stand up to this pup...”
Panel 4:

We see a side view of the door to the castle. In front of the door, striding purposefully towards the castle with a look of grim determination, we see Superman. Behind him are just part of a gaggle of peasants and townsfolk, all of which have a curious, and somewhat horrified, expression on their faces. When we look to the door of the castle we see why. Pounding through the heavy gates, tossing aside guards with reckless abandon, stands Doctor Doom, his fists crackling with magical energy. Doctor Doom's eyes have met those of Superman.

Caption A and B: “I WILL.”

Yes, I know this is terrible fanfiction, but I missed out on writing the Doctor Doom script and after much thought I thought he would make a formidable enemy for Superman. He's strong, incredibly smart, and he has mystical powers that COULD prove a problem for the Man of Steel. (This is assuming the magic in the Marvel universe affects him like the magic in the DCU.)

So yeah, sorry for this, but I really wanted to write it. :)


  1. Hey, nice script Brandon :)

    It made ME want to see what happens next, and nice use of panels/viewpoint.

    Jonathan from spritzophrenia

  2. Man, this is the best way to catch up. Not sure if Doom and Supes ever did catch up in any old crossovers but they really should have. They're such perfect opposites.

    You've done the site proud here, my good man, and I can only hope to miss a script one week just to catch up in such stylish fashion.

    Oh, and you have 2 panel 3's :)

  3. I love the question of whether magic works the same in the MU as the DCU - that's true geekery, Brandon!

    Enjoyed the script lots... I would question whether Supes would be the one from the DCU who would so willingly ignore diplomatic status to go after Doom. Strikes me as more of a Batman thing to do. Clark is all about playing by the rules.

  4. Thanks guys!

    @jonathan - Thanks for taking the time to read this! Glad you're getting into comics some more :)

    @Ryan - I debated for a long time whether to do this or not. In the end, I went for it, because we're all fanboys here to some extent or another, right? (And I fixed the second Panel 3, thanks)

    @Rol - At some point in the story it would have revealed that Reed brought in Superman because, being from another dimension entirely, it would put him outside of our laws. Superman would have been hesitant, but ultimately would have agreed for the greater good. (Shaky, I know, but the whole thing is a bit questionable right? Haha)

  5. Superman vs. Doctor Doom is seriously one of the things I can't believe we haven't seen before. It's such a no brainer. Doom is almost like a Lex Luthor that can cause Superman physical harm by himself, without reliyng on goons or machines. This could be epic in the right hands, and from what I see here yours seem fit. Great script, Brandon.


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