Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Superman - A Love Scorned - Simon McDonald

A couple of years into my comics-collecting career, Superman turned into a being of energy, split into two, a red version and a blue version - - and somewhere around that same time, the character of Scorn became a prominent member of the Superman supporting cast, along with Ashbury Armstrong, daughter of Daily Planet reporter Dirk Armstrong. Scorn and Ashbury formed a relationship, they were together for at least a year or two, from what I can remember... and then they vanished from the Superman books. I've no idea what happened to them; maybe I missed something. But for whatever reason, whenever I think of my earliest days of reading Superman, I think of Ashbury and Scorn - thus, it seems appropriate they play integral roles in my Superman script...

1. Ashbury Armstrong is standing on the edge of the Daily Planet rooftop. It's bucketing down with rain, and she's standing in it, soaked to the skin, seemingly oblivious, her mascara running. She's in a wedding dress that might've once been a thing of beauty, but is now smudged with grime - and, ominously, appears bloodstained.

Superman always keeps his promises.

The bastard.

2. Birds-eye perspective: looking down on Ashbury, still on the rooftop's edge. The street below is a scene of destruction; cars turned over, fires burning, debris strewn about. Nothing the good citizens of Metropolis aren't used to.

This is all his fault.

He brought the love of my life back to me.

3. Tight on Ashbury. Tears are streaming from her eyes. For those not familiar with the character - she's blind. She is not observing the scene of destruction below, but she knows it's happening. She can't see it - but she can sense it.

He unleashed the monster on Metropolis.

4. Cut to - - Superman, struggling to his feet. He's recovering from being punched through a building, looking a little worse for wear - cape in tatters, covered in dust. Debris is strewn around him, smoke is wafting about.  
Ceritak - -
Stop this, before I - -

5. Through the smoke we see the shadow / outline of Ceritak / Scorn. Check this out for reference, but he's a big, hulking creature. Kind of like the Hulk, I suppose - but blue, and with tusks.


6. The smoke clears - the monster reveals itself. It's Ceritak / Scorn, growling, furious, hate in his eyes.

You started this, Superman.
You brought me back.
Brought me to her.
Your mistake.

7. Superman, standing tall, looking - dare I say it? - super; determined; ready to take on this threat.

Then I'll have to rectify it.

Scorn first appeared in Superman (v2) 122, 1997
Ashbury Armstrong first appeared in Adventures of Superman 546, 1997


  1. Nice script. It packs a very prologue-type punch, it's the calm before the storm, that's what it is. I like it.

    Are these two characters in use anymore? If not, I wonder if they'd be prime to make a comeback anytime soon...you'd be the man to do it!

    Also, love the use of a pic for reference, I love it when scripts do that.

  2. Hah, I remember Scorn and Ahsbury.

    Nice script, Simon. I'm really curious as to why Scorn is attacking Superman.

  3. I love it when writes use characters they love that no-body else remembers. You always get something that much more personal. I really enjoyed this script Simon, nice work!

  4. Thanks gents,

    As far as I know, Scorn and Ashbury have not been seen since the late nineties. Probably for a good reason - I never especially *liked* the characters, I just recall them taking pages away from Superman!


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