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Superman - Mild Mannered Reporter - Matt Duarte

Superman in "Mild Mannered Reporter" by Matt Duarte

This page is to be set in four panels, a grid of two by two, with all being in the same size. It is set in a distant past, shortly after Superman made his initial appearances in Metropolis.

Panel 1

Description: Superman is sitting in a chair, looking rather uncomfortable, as if he was too big for the furniture around him. He is not putting his full weight on the chair, as if he was afraid to accidentally break it if he did. Behind him is an open glass door that leads to a balcony, with the curtains flowing because of the wind.

SUPERMAN (CAPTION): What does she know?

SUPERMAN: I'm truly sorry Miss Lane, but I don't think I fully understand that last question. What do you mean by "What do I do in my free time?"

LOIS LANE (off panel): I think it's a pretty straight forward question Superman...

LOIS LANE: You are not Superman ALL the time, so there must be something you do in your free time. I would even wager that you have a job, somewhere in Metropolis.

Panel 2

Description: We can see the back of Superman's head now, still sitting in the chair. In front of him sits Lois Lane, sitting in the same type of chair, but more comfortable, with her legs crossed and a note pad on top of them. She's looking at the note pads while she writes down the answers that Superman is giving.

SUPERMAN: And what leads you think that, Miss Lane?

LOIS LANE: It's quite simple, really. Ever since you showed up in Metropolis I have been collecting witnesses account, and there are certain times when you are never seen patrolling the skies. From nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, to be specific.

LOIS LANE: With your physique, most people would assume you are a firefighter, or a policeman, but looking at your "schedule", I can't help but think you are an office worker, a postman, or maybe even...

Panel 3

Description: A close up of Superman's face, he is smiling nervously.

LOIS LANE (off panel): A mild mannered newspaper reporter?


SUPERMAN: Umm, Miss Lane, I am terribly sorry but I hear sirens on.. uh.. the other side of the city. I am afraid I must cut this interview short. We shall finish it on another occasion, yes?

Panel 4

Description: Shot from behind Lois Lane's back, the door to the balcony is now open, with Superman flying into the distance. She is still sitting in the chair.

LOIS LANE: Whatever you say, Superman.

LOIS LANE (CAPTION): I knew it. Now I just have to find a way to prove it.

The End.


  1. Aw, man, Now I'd heaps rather read Superman if he was a fireman in his spare time, that would be awesome.

    This is a tight little script, Matt. I like it as you play right into the core Supes territory. Well in.

  2. I love the way you describe Supes caution in sitting in a chair. He is awkward and not at ease with himself. We feel the awkward situation Supes is in, which thereby makes Lois seem much more powerful. Great work Matt, you have certainly set the bar high for the rest of us!

  3. Couple of instances of lousy grammar, but that can be excused in the light of a comic script that truly feels classic and fresh at the same time. Well done Matt, I'm with Ben on you setting a high bar.

  4. One word: Great. Oh, and another, Matt. There you go.

    Here's my latest take:

    Superman - Symbolism - Milan Matejka

    Panel 1 - Really massive panel. Outside, sidewalk that reaches from one side to the other on the page. Superman strolls alone, with his head hung down low in depression, looking at a letter.

    On the wall, with the exception of red bricks is a poster. It shows a family, traditional propaganda posting in a lounge, drawn differently to the real world, more painted. They are all dressed like Superman. The poster has quotations like 'Dress like him', 'customizable costuming', 'Also available in various sizes and genders', 'Machine Washable'. 'Be just like superman' is the main focus. The fonts should really be like Superman Cartoons of the early years.

    Underneath all of this, the logo of Lex Luthor's company, LexCorp, really clear. Possibly so contrasting it feels out of place.

    Panel 2 - Not so massive panel. We see the letter in Superman's hands. It is a court summons. 'Copyright theft'. Lots of writing and legal scribbles. The important thing is that it says that line.

    Caption - I need a lawyer.

    *This would be generally a three issue miniseries involving a copyright battle for the symbol that Superman uses on his suit, where Lex Luthor decided to copyright the symbol and refusing Superman to use it.

    Not that this topic is topical in anyway involving the legality of anything Superman... *whistling**

  5. Milan, that's a top job, mate. I am very impressed. I'm surprised that idea hasn't been used before (though this is Superman, it may very well have been but be damned if I'd know, ha). I like the simple 1-2 punch of the page. Impressive.

  6. Matt, Lois's voice in this was perfect... but then, she is by far the more interesting character.

    I'm not actually sure you needed the two Superman captions though... I think it might work better purely from Lois's perspective, watching him squirm.

    Milan - like the idea. It'd be a more playful, Hackman-esque Luthor, but I think I prefer that anyway.

  7. Matt and Milan: solid entries, guys.


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