Saturday, June 26, 2010

Superman - A Question of Superiority - James McNeill

One of my favourite aspects of large comic continuities like Marvel or DC is the endless capacity for crossover. So this takes place somewhere toward the beginning (though not at the very beginning) of a Superman/Question miniseries. And despite my great and abiding love for Renee Montoya -- this one's Vic Sage.

I rather wish I were continuing this, now that I've begun.

A Question of Superiority

1. Foreground: Superman starts walking forward (out of the alley). Background: Question stares straight ahead, ignoring Superman. They stand in an alley in Metropolis, so it'll be fairly clean -- relatively speaking. Question looks a bit out of place.

Just think about it.

2. Superman looks back, having detected somehow that he doesn't have Question's attention.

I want us to be able to work together.

That's never happening.

3. Question turns away, further into the alley. This should be a fairly symbolic panel, with Superman toward the end of the alley and in light, and Question in the foreground, in shadow.

He's asking the wrong question.

4. From below. Question looks up as Superman flies off, bracketed by the buildings on either side of the alley.

It's his style I don't like.

5. From above. Question still looks up. He's standing on a copy of the Daily Planet, hands in his pockets. Under his coat we can see his suit and tie, a little bit of his alter ego showing through.

His style of journalism.


  1. Hey guys. I posted my script back at the introduction post, so it might have fallen out of your radar. Here it goes again, before the week ends!

    James: I LOVE this page. I'd read the hell out of a Superman/Question x-over if it was Vic Sage. It really appeals to me, I think you've done a great job. I'm taking some drawing lessons, and as soon as I feel confident enough to take the challenge of penciling a comic book page, this is the script I'm going to tackle, if you don't mind. :)

  2. James, this is very nicely done. It's not a story but just a beat, and I dig the hell out of that. Very cool. I haven't read much Question so you make me interested right here. Any character who doesn't appreciate Supes is up in my book! Ha.

  3. Vic Sage Question is one of my favourite DC characters and this captured him perfectly, with a wonderful twist. It's not just a Question story though, I'm not accusing you of cheating, it's Superman through the eyes of another character, and refreshing that not everyone looks up to him... plus the idea that Question knows Clark's secret would be enough to get anyone reading on.

  4. Ivan -- thanks so much! I'd definitely be willing to let you illustrate this, and I'm flattered you'd want to.

    Ryan, you should definitely check out the Question, I think you'd like both incarnations. And thanks!

    Rol, I agree with you about Vic Sage. I think he and Superman would be a really interesting team-up up, although I think what this would end up being is a Vic Sage and Clark Kent team-up.

    And thanks, Reynard!


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