Monday, June 14, 2010

Victor Von Doom M.D.

He's a doctor, a sorcerer, an inventor, a supervillain, a polymath, a monarch, an archenemy, and possibly just a misunderstood little gypsy boy looking for a cuddle from the mother who will burn in hell for all eternity. He's the greatest enemy the Fantastic Four have ever faced and he's our character pick of the week.

He's Dr Doom, but we can't guarantee he won't just be a DoomBot in this week's scripts.

We hope you enjoy Dr Doom and we wish to thank Stan Lee and Jack Kirby because without them Dr Doom would not be around.
Dr Doom is a character owned by Marvel Entertainment.


  1. Here's my attempt.

    This is the beginning of a new series, alluding to how he got disfigured in the first place.

    Dr. Doom - Under the Mask - Milan Matejka

    Panel 1 - Large panel. Victor Von Doom stares at the mirror, wearing his full armor, mask and green hook. He stands inside of a bathroom, the furnishings of a king with golden taps and a heck load of marble. Golden lighting.

    Caption - I wonder sometimes what I now look like under the mask. Did I just merely overreact to the accident? That somehow thought I was imperfect? I am not imperfect, I am perfection personified.

    Victor Von Doom - Oh, you should look at these taps! I personally designed them myself, made out of Africa's finest gold! But first, business.

    Panel 2 - Smaller panel. He looks to his hands, covered in gloves.

    Caption - All the carnage and all the blood. What is under this mask? Should I just take it off?

    Caption - I remember clearly now. Richards warned me.

    Panel 3 - Same size of panel. The experiment goes wrong, as an explosion erupts on the side, we see Von Doom's face being cut by a fragment. Blood and fire.

    Panel 4 - Back to the shape of Panel 1.

    Caption - It's time to begin the experiment again, but... there will be no mistakes. This time, Richards is going to help me.

    Caption - First, I need to get rid of this mask... and get a new one. Richards will believe me.

    Panel 5 - Large Panel. Von Doom stands in the doorway of the bathroom, only the light surrounds his silhouette, except for a darkly covered figure, holding a sort of upright fetal position on a large bed. The room is a master bedroom. A part of the rope tying the person is visible in silhouette, as well as a gag over the mouth.

    Victor Von Doom – I’ve seen your work… C'est magnifique! I want you to replicate that.

    Panel 6 - Smaller panel. The golden light highlights the terror in the man's eyes. Older balding gentleman.

    Victor Von Doom - Don’t worry, I have lab that will suit your needs. And even a test subject.

    Panel 7 - Large panel. Von Doom's mask shines, his eyes shine brighter under the hood, surrounded by golden light and darkness.

    Victor Von Doom - Me.

  2. Nice, Milan. Paints Doom in a new light, at least to me.

    I'm going to give a shot this time around. I want to focus on the magical aspect, that's something I haven't seen much of and the Dark Avengers opening arc intrigued me about.

    I think I'll take Milan's cue and post it in the introdution's comment section sometime by the end of the week. :)

  3. Hey Milan, nice to have you working your magic again in the comments. This script is pretty good, though I think it might have worked a little stronger from the perspective of this outsider, maybe gotten inside their head a little. Good work, mate.

  4. I was thinking I should have added a bit perspective of the outsider, but limitations with the one page. As well as this, Doom is my main perspective and to reveal my outsider would give away what Doom was planning which I wanted to keep a mystery.

    And I know nothing about any of the characters I write because I don't read comics, so I play by ear, relying on the wikipedia and creative licence.


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