Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why Mephisto?

This guy is the ultimate Big Bad in the Marvel Universe. Now, before you object and cry “Thanos!” let me present my case. Mephisto is nigh-indestructible, and he's incredibly clever, which is unfortunate for his foes, as trickery seems to be the only way to thwart his plans.

Before Thanos burst onto the scene, Mephisto tormented the Silver Surfer to no end, all in pursuit of his soul. He even went so far as to capture his love, Shalla Bal, and take her to his underworld kingdom. Only with the help of Adam Warlock was the Surfer able to retrieve her.

Mephisto has also battled the likes of the Fantastic Four, X-Force, the X-Men, and the Avengers (all in one miniseries, in fact!) It took some clever bargaining (and a bit of intervention from Hela, the Norse goddess of her own underworld) to defeat him this time, and it was not even a true defeat, as we find it was his plan all along.

Let's not forget One More Day. Mephisto made Peter Parker a deal, and it truly turned his life upside-down in many ways. This, however, is nothing compared to the reaction from fans, fans that divided their allegiances down the middle over this series. Few comic book villains can say that they have actually affected our own universe the way Mephisto has!

So what tales of trickery and deceit lie in store for you here, dear reader? Well, the future is uncertain, but I'm sure our subject would allow you a brief glimpse. If you could just sign right here on this dotted line...

Or, you could just check back with us this week and have a bit of patience as we roll out some tales of evil, starring Mephisto!

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  1. Cool! I'll try to come up with something this time.


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