Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aquaman - Accountability - Simon McDonald

1. Aquaman, swimming at maximum speed, heading down, into the depths of the ocean, unadulterated fear playing across his face. The water is dark; murky, unnaturally so - and chunks of debris are drifting with the currents. 

- - Superman averted a global catastrophe yesterday when he demolished asteroid 2010 XF14 from colliding with Earth.

2. Cut to the JLA Watchtower - FLASHBACK (consider alternate color palette). Batman is standing, speaking in front of Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman - who looks rather disinterested, stifling a yawn.

On a related note, NASA has detected over a sixteen NEO's* within nine lunar distances or less over the last last twelve months - but the misses are getting nearer. These aren't armageddon-level threats, but it's worth noting that an asteroid of just 140 meters could deliver an impact energy of 300 megatons of TNT; more than enough to wipe out a major city.


3. Batman's still talking, but Aquaman has risen from his seat. 

We've no idea what's caused the surge in NEO's, but Superman and Green Lantern have agreed to monitor the situation carefully, and will be our prime defense against - -

The meeting hasn't been adjourned.

4. On Aquaman; he's not looking antagonistic, but there's a sternness to his expression.

I have a kingdom to oversee. That is my primary concern.
You look after the skies, Superman. I'll manage the waters.
That's always been the strength of the league, after all.
We each have our specific roles to play - - 

5. Cut back to the present - Aquaman's stopped swimming, he's just floating, looking down at something we can't yet see, in a state of shock, horrified at the sight.

- - and as long as we do so, we'll keep the world and all of its inhabitants safe.

6. Tight on Aquaman; he's angry, snarling.


This page would be followed by a double-page-spread of Atlantis in ruins; the consequence of an NEO.


  1. Ha, Aquaman's a dick, you should always listen to Batman. Always. I like this script, good use of playback and interlocking the two scenes. I like it.

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  3. Oh, man, all I could do after reading this was wonder what Aquaman would do afterwards. It's highly intriguing, which means you've done a good job!

  4. Love this one, nice little moral at the end there.

  5. Haha, Super-Dickery! "We'll only stop the ones that might hit the land, let Aquaman deal with the ones that hit the water"

  6. Ah, a douchebag Aquaman get his cummupents. Great script Simon. I love it when a character's particular problems swims up and bites him in the arse.

    A No-Prize to the person who can tell me where that line is from!

  7. Great stuff, Simon. More than once he has been at odds with the rest of the League due to his status as a statesman, but this has to have serious consequences.

  8. Perfect illustration of why Aquaman will always be a poor man's Namor in my eyes. If you want to see true super-dickery and kingly arrogance, no one comes close to Subby.

    Unlike Ben though, I didn't read this as "douchebag Aquaman gets his comeuppance" - more as "Superman's not doing his job properly and now Arthur's gonna kick his butt".

  9. Rol's articulated my thoughts going into this script perfectly. I was merely setting up a scenario to have Aquaman take on the League - but I actually prefer the notion of 'doucheban Aquaman getting his comeuppance,' haha.


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