Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aquaman - Benthos - Matt Duarte

Aquaman in “Benthos” by Matt Duarte

This page is to be set into four different panels, two by two grid. It is not set in any specific time. The font should in a typewriter-looking style, as it is an official log of events.

Panel 1

Description: Aquaman is diving into the ocean from a medium sized research boat. He is wearing a small headpiece and a belt with some equipment on it. Looking from the boat are several other people, not sailor-types, but rather scientists and navy officials.

Caption: August 14th, 1997

Caption: After two days of travel, we have reached the approximate point where the mysterious sound that our scientists heard earlier this month seems to have originated. Codenamed “The Bloop”, we were sent to investigate it’s origin hundreds of kilometers off the southeast coast of Chile. Because of concerns it might be other worldly in nature, we requested a liaison from the Justice League of America to approach the site first.

Panel 2

Description: Aquaman is diving straight down deep into the ocean, passing a giant squid.

Caption: Aquaman traveled with us in the boat to maintain his strength for the deep dive once we reached our destination. Even for someone of his strength, going thousands of meters down into a low oxygen zone is a dangerous enterprise. We tried to outfit him with the latest localization and communication tools at our disposal, but he said he brought some of his own.

Panel 3

Description: Aquaman is investigating a deep trench, which is noticeably darker than the rest of the ocean floor, he is about to go in there.

Caption: Communications held nicely throughout the descent. The low temperatures and high pressure made the communication crystal clear, at least until Aquaman descended into the trench he found somewhere around the 5000 meter mark . We had no topographical maps or any kind of previous information about it, which suggests it might have been recently formed.

Panel 4

Description: Aquaman is in complete and total darkness, with the exception of a ball of light, roughly the size of a beach ball, floating directly in front of him. He is extending his hand, as if to touch it. Behind him, we can see a faint outline of giant set of jaws, with sharp and long teeth, opening, as if about to swallow him whole.

Caption: We lost communications with Aquaman two hours ago. At first we thought it might have been a simple glitch in the communicators, but as more time passed the whole crew grew concerned. We are now preparing the bathyscaphe for the biggest dive it has done so far. Let us hope that we find Aquaman safe and sound.

Caption: And let us hope that we don’t find whatever it was that made the mysterious sound.

To be continued!


  1. Ominous, creepy, and a great start to a story.

    It's going to get all Pinocchio inside that beast and i can't wait to see what Aquaman finds in there.

    Love just 4 panels, too, very tidy page, the captions would look great on it.

  2. Go the Bloop! Love the giant Angler Fish. Reminds me of that scene from Finding Nemo. I can imagine it being a cool, creepy-looking panel. Is he swallowed? Is he in the midst of a beastial battle? Very cool!

  3. Man, I want to hear more about The Bloop! I want a Bloop mini as well as collectable Bloop toys.

    Tidy little script Matt, well done! Would be interested to see where it was to go...

  4. Great stuff, Matt.

    Damnit, I was so busy this week that I couldn't write the page, and I really wanted to do this one. Don't count on me for the Penguin either. :(


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