Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aquaman – The Duality of Duality – Ryan K Lindsay

1. We see an underwater town. It’s like an Atlantean wild west town, and there’s no one around.
Caption: Some horrors leave their imprints on the earth.
Caption: You see the soil after a battle and it is ripped apart with the anguish of souls and minds.

2. Aquaman is walking through the ‘main street’ of the town. We only see part of his body in this panel but we can clearly see that he has a harpoon instead of a left hand. There is a red light coming from down the street on the right between two huts.
Caption: There is a change that violence makes on the world and it can rarely be undone.
Caption: What is destroyed cannot so easily be replaced by something new.

3. Aquaman is walking towards the red light coming from down the street. We can see the determination on his bearded face.
Caption: The scar is forever. The reminder is eternal.
Caption: What would be the opposite of violence? Creation? I doubt it.

4. Aquaman walks up to the structure that is emitting the red light. It is a massive red coral structure that’s part Cronenbergian mess and part Dali-esque children’s play equipment
Caption: One man’s black will always be another’s white. Duality is what makes the world work; yin and yang, night and day, air and water …

5. While bearded Aquaman looks at the red structure another Aquaman, a clean shaven and more pure Aquaman comes walking around from the side of the structure. He seems to have a strange cruelty in his eyes, even though he’s smiling.
Caption: It’s by having differences that we forge the world.
Caption: Even if that difference is good and evil. It’s a breeding ground for heroes and villains, the myths we learn from. The legends we become, and destroy.
Bearded Aquaman: Hey, stranger.
Caption: Because one side will always have a time of dominance. The vacuum of peace is only the brief interlude between more struggle. That is the truth, and the lie.


  1. Whoa. This script has a lot more intensity than my comically-newborn mind can absorb : P

  2. Wow, a very intriguing concept there.

  3. Hey Ryan, another great script for a DC character! Maybe you should shift your allegiance. :P

    Great stuff man, you keep raising that bar.

  4. Jeez Ryan, you went all out on this one, didn't you?

  5. Dude you didn't write a part for Johnny 'Drama' haha

    Great script, nailed the tone!!!!

  6. Ooh, quite possibly my favourite script any of us have produced; loved the tone of this, really grabbed me. Awesome, awesome stuff.

  7. Wow. Great script Ryan! Don't know what else to say, other than I'd read it!

  8. Damn, you know, I am absolutely stunned and shocked by the reactions here. I have never, ever, read Aquaman and wasn't sure how I'd write this one. It went through about 3-4 different iterations, all similar, but all I wasn't sure of, even this final one. Truth be told, I was going to shitcan this whole idea and just write a Johnny Drama styled script, as my brother says. Go for a cheap Entourage laugh.

    Glad you all enjoy it, and Simon, that's a big wrap. Strangely enough, whenever I think of this site I always think of your Iron Man script, that still sticks in my mind.

    Thanks for the big words, guys, they keep me warm in this treacherous Australian winter :)

  9. Doubly impressed that you've never read the character before... but maybe that's just what he needs in a writer after endless reboots.

  10. This script was OUTRAGEOUS and I mean that in the best possible way.


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