Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aquaman- The Great Untitled Adventure- Will Turner

Note: I make no apology for basing this on the Batman Brave And The Bold Aquaman. He kind of reminds me of Will Ferrell, which is why I like him. So don't say you weren't warned!

FRAME 1- Aquaman stands in the classic superhero pose, with a whale above him.
Caption: Greetings friends, I am Aquaman, lord of Atlantis and defender of the seas.

FRAME 2- Aquaman is now stood like Sean Connery era James Bond, raised eyebrow and smug grin with mermaids draped over him.
Caption: Loved by his friends...

FRAME 3- Aquaman is poised Matrix style, wielding a trident against agents dressed in scuba gear (but also with sunglasses)
Caption: Feared by his enemies

FRAME 4- Aquaman is drinking a cocktail and wearing sunglasses.
Caption: But he also knows how to have fun!

FRAME 5- Aquaman is in the Justice League watchtower, surrounded by Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and other assorted annoyed superheroes. He is drooling in a very unattractive manner.
Aquaman: I am always ready for duty!
Caption: I shall call this adventure "The Adventure Where I Learned To Adjust My Sleeping Patterns In Space"



  1. And he's drooling over some very expensive equipment, surely.

  2. Thanks guys as for Frame 2 I love those classic Bond posters.

  3. I could see this drawn by Jim Aparo.


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