Monday, July 12, 2010

Aquaman - Problems - Ben Rosenthal

This is again a 3 line grid structure. The first two panels are on the first line of the grid, and are of the same size. Panels 3 – 5 are on the second line, and are of the same size. Panel 6 is on the last line of the grid, and takes up the width of the page.

The following takes place in current continuity, shortly after the happenings of Blackest Night.

1. Close up of Aquaman’s non-bearded face. So close, that we can only see the beginnings of his hair line at the edge of the panel. He is looking straight ahead, a look of worry on his face.

CAPTION: “I have a problem.”

2. A wider shot of Aquaman now. We can see his whole body, and he is standing in a sandy place. They are in a desert in Texas. We can see that Aquaman has his back to a stalagmite, with his arms tied behind his back. He is being held in place by a large, metallic device.

CAPTION: “I’m trapped, 50 miles away from the nearest body of water...”

3. This panel is shown from behind Aquaman. We can see the side of the back of his head, as well as the stalagmite he is tied to, at the left of the panel. Taking up a majority of the panel is the man who has tied Aquaman up - Captain Demo (Captain Demo is a villain who dresses as a pirate and has a hook for a hand. You can see a confusing image of him here). Captain Demo is holding his hooked hand up high, with an evil smirk of triumph on his face.

CAPTION: “...meaning I cannot use my powers to call on any sea creatures to help me.”

I have you now, Aquaman.

4. Same panel as above, however the smirk has gone from Captain Demo’s face. He is looking around confused. The ground is shaking, as if there is an earthquake

SFX: Grrrrrrrrrrrrumble

CAPTION: “But that’s not my problem.”

5. A simple panel showing a close up of Captain Demo’s feet. There are cracks in the earth between them.


CAPTION: “My powers...”

6. The largest panel of the page. It shows the fossilised skeleton of a plesiosaur bursting through the ground. In its teeth is the screaming Captain Demo, blood seeping from his mid section from where the teeth of the ancient dinosaur have sunk in. It should be a jarring and horrific scene.



CAPTION: “...they’re my problem.”

*Editor’s Note – Plesiosaur fossils have been found in Texas. Researchin’ Rosenthal.


  1. Did this script just jump the plesiosaur? :)

    This is pretty good, from what I know Aquaman can speak to dead sea animals now, right? This works well, very damsel in distress for poor Aquaman. The page is well laid out too.

    Has anyone else noticed how much better we are now at making our pages fit into less panels, we've really grown in that way.

  2. Aw saying for whenever I have no idea how to write a character "Jumped the plesiosaur". That's awesome.

    Yes, from the (limited) research I did, Aquaman can only speak to dead animals now. There's a movie in that....

    I can say that personally I am SO much better at fitting everything in now. I think I have finally come up with a way of writing that makes it manageable.

  3. Did he just straight up told the fossil to kill Demo, or are his powers just screwed up like that now?

  4. Agree with Ryan, I like the layout of this script and the final panel was awesome, good use of current continuity!

    Plus, you made me Google Plesiosaur, which means I learned something too!

  5. My tutor once said "Imagine each word costs a pound". You guys seemed to have picked up on that really well.

    This one has a brilliant build up and a fab pay off at the end.

  6. @Ivan - according to my (again, limited) research, after the events of Blackest Night (in which Aquaman was a black ring bearer, then bought back to life at its climax), Aquaman used his powers to call for help. However, instead of friendly dolphins coming to his aid, the rotten carcases of dead animals heeded his call, and proceeded to devour anything that may cause harm to Aquaman.
    I see it that Aquaman has no real control of the dead animals he calls, and as such he faces a problem. Does he use them when he has no other option, knowing that something awful may happen? Does he call out to these creatures subconsciously? Or maybe, just maybe, is there some of the Black Ring Aquaman hidden in there still?

  7. Hmmm, that's cool! I can envisage that final panel having a page of its own. Nicely done!

  8. I believe that's what's known as making a silk purse (nice script) out of a sow's ear (current Aquaman "continuity"). I myself will be making a sow's ear out of a sow's ear tomorrow.


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