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Blonde Phantom - Multiple Alibis - Matt Duarte

The Blonde Phantom in "Multiple Alibis" by Matt Duarte

This page is to be laid out in six different panels. The first one is a wide panel across the page, the following three are small ones in the same row, the fifth one is of the same size as the first one, and last one is a big wide one, roughly one third of the page. The caption by The Blonde Phantom should look like handwriting, as it is a journal entry.

Panel 1

Description: The Blonde Phantom is standing atop a roof of a building. We can only see the bottom part of her striking red dress, which makes a sharp contrast against the dark night, and one of her fashionable high heels which is resting in the ledge of the buildiing. From where she is standing we can see a lone man wearing a trenchcoat walking into an abandoned warehouse.

CAPTION: The Blonde Phantom's Journal, December 12th, 1942

CAPTION: Here's a question that I never thought I would ask myself. What's more suspicious, a man with no alibi, or one with multiple ones? How can one man have been in four different places at once?

Panel 2

Description: The Blonde Phantom is standing in front of a croupier holding a photo (that we can't see), inside a casino. The croupier is looking sternly at it. We can only see Blonde Phantom's back, she is wearing her red dress.

CROUPIER: Yes, he was here last night. Cleaned the house, too. I remember that ridiculous green shirt he was wearing, not many people dressed like that around these parts.

Panel 3

Description: The Blonde Phantom is standing in front of a movie theater employee, outside of a theater. She is still holding the same photo, in the same position as the previous panel.

EMPLOYEE: I remember him from last night, he had a nice trench coat. We had to kick him out of the theater, because he was ruining how Casablanca ends to the rest of the patrons.

Panel 4

Description: The Blonde Phantom is standing in front of a police officer, in front of a empty jail. Again, she is still holding the same photo, still in the same position.

POLICE OFFICER: He was wondering around drunk last night. We picked him up and let him sleep it off. Sorry Phantom, we let him go this morning.

Panel 5

Description: The Blonde Phantom is now right outside the door of the place she was watching earlier. She is holding her gun and about to kick the door in.

CAPTION: And to top it all off, last night, one of my informants saw him go in an dead end alley with another person, but only he came out. Good thing he was able to snap a photo of him as he was coming out of the alley that helped me track him down.

Panel 6

Description: We see the Blonde Phantom, having just come across the door. She is holding her gun, and shouting. Before her, stand several dupes and the original James Madrox, The Multiple Man who is in front of all the dupes. They are all holding up their arms, but their expressions are all different. They are all wearing their trademark green shirts and long trenchcoats.

CAPTION:I don't know what this creep's deal is, but something strange is going on, and it is my duty as the Blonde Phantom to investigate.

BLONDE PHANTOM (big font, screaming): Hands up in the air, creep!

BLONDE PHANTOM (smaller font): What the...

DUPE 1: It's a raid! Every dupe for himself!

DUPE 2: Ooh, I like her dress!

DUPE 3: Man, they really knew how to make femme fatales in this time period.

DUPE 4: Please, the domino mask is sooo Golden Age.

JAMIE MADROX: Quiet, all of you! Maybe she can help us get back to the future. Hi, I'm Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.

Next: Crisis on Infinite Noirs!


  1. With a final line like that who wouldn't want to read on?

    It's the perfect noir set up, a great montage of investigation, and then we get the Madrox. I love it. A few minor spelling errors but a great feel to the page. I'd buy this as a one-shot.

  2. The weird thing is, as I was reading this, I kept thinking "sounds like Madrox", but I was so suckered in by the noir mystery that I never even considered you were going for a crossover, Matt. Like Ryan, I'd be interested so see where you took this.

    Couple of tiny picky proofready bits - panel 1 caption 2 is a bit lumpy with 'one' repetition, and the cop in panel 4 means 'wandering' not 'wondering'.

  3. This is great - it didn't even register to me that it was Multiple Man until the reveal. Awesome work!

    Also a big fan of the dupes getting some lines in. Well done Matt, really liked this script.

  4. Hey Matt, great job. Very bold to try a time-travel crossover, I dig it.


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