Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Penguin - Cold Blooded Killer - Matt Duarte

The Penguin in “Cold Blooded Killer” by Matt Duarte

This page is to be set in two different panels. It is not set in any particular time period. In my mind, this would be drawn by someone like Marcos Martin, or Javier Pullido, if that helps to visualize the image.

Panel 1

Description: It is the inside of The Penguin’s office, which is extremely luxurious. There is artwork on the walls, sculptures in the floor, and a very nice desk in the middle. The Penguin is sitting in the chair behind the desk, though we can only see his head and arms, as he is too short for it. At the same time, however, he is pacing nervously around the desk. He is also looking out a window that is on the far side of the room, looking rather gloom. It’s not that there’s three different Penguins, but rather that he is moving around the room, from the desk, to walking around it, to finally looking out the window. In the center of the room, there is a shadowy figure, a hulking mass compared to the tiny Penguin. He has his back turned to us, and we cannot see who it is just yet.

PENGUIN (from the desk): Allow me to preface this meeting by expressing my disgust with you. Despite what you might have heard, I do not associate myself with cold blooded killers such as yourself.

PENGUIN (walking): Even meeting you in person goes against my baser instincts, the very order of nature itself! We may feed from the same waters, but do not fool yourself, in any other time we would be blood enemies! And yet...

PENGUIN (from the window): The Bat has been targeting me particularly hard lately. My money and influence only goes so far and that damned flying rodent knows exactly where to hit me the hardest. I need something else, something that you can provide.

Panel 2

The Penguin stands in front of the big man that we saw before, with his back towards the reader. The Penguin’s arms are open, as if extending his gratitude. In front of him, stands Killer Croc, wearing a tattered orange jumpsuit with the word “Arkham” in it. He is also wearing some extremely heavy shackles that hold his arms and his legs together, as well as a mouth guard keeping his mouth shut. He towers a good four feet over the tiny Penguin.

PENGUIN: So what do you say, eh? We didn’t break you out of prison for nothing! With my brains, and your brawn, I’m sure we can give the Bat a run for his money. All you have to do is promise you will behave, and do as I say, and we’ll remove those shackles from you.

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  1. I really like the use of the three positions in that first panel. It really sets a mood that he's on edge or uncomfortable.

    And Killer Croc, well, I loved when you first met him in the game Batman: Arkham Asylum--this lumbering hulk--so anything with him is going be a fun ride!

    Nice work!!

  2. Great juxtaposition. The heights, the looks, the styles of villainy. This would look great on a page and work well as a story.

    Well in, Matt. You get everything you need right here on the page.

  3. Great stuff Matt, love the duality.

    I'm not a fan of the 'Hulk Croc'. Before he was a lot leaner and kind of looked like the Lizard. That version worked better as a Batman villain, IMO.

  4. Is Oswald really so naive to think he can control Croc... or does he have a contingency plan.

    I was about to complain that was a LOT to get into that first panel... then you went and shut me up by writing only one more.

    You captured the Penguin's voice well here, Matt.

  5. Not sure I can say anything that has not been covered already. Well done Matt!


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