Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Punisher - Cleansing Rain - Matt Duarte

The Punisher in “Cleansing Rain” by Matt Duarte

This scene takes place in the world of Punisher MAX. There are no superheroes to be found here, just Frank Castle, his guns, and the scum of the Earth. The narration is by Frank Castle.

Panel 1

Description: This is an image as seen through binoculars. There’s two guys standing in a park at night, drug dealers, talking to two very nervous teenagers. There’s some drops of rain falling in the scene.

Panel 2

Description: Also seen through binoculars. It is now raining very heavily. The two drug dealers from earlier are running away from the park, in the direction of the viewer of the binoculars (Frank).

PUNISHER (Caption): I’ve never been a big believer of the “cleansing rain” concept.

Panel 3

Description: This panel is seen through a windshield of a car. The rain is falling heavily on it, with the wipers on. We can see the driving wheel, with two big hands holding it. The two drug dealers from earlier are getting into a car.

PUNISHER (Caption): The way I see it, all that water does is move the filth around to other places.

Panel 4

Description: This panel is also seen from the same view as before, though the car is now in a different place. The two drug dealers are parked in a suburban home, getting off the car and into the house. It is still raining heavily. They are trying to cover their heads as they run, and you can see that they are both carrying weapons in their waist bands.

PUNISHER (Caption): It has it uses though. If all the filth is in one place, the cleanup goes a lot faster.

Panel 5

Description: This panel is seen from a scope, though it is not circular, but rectangular. We can see a window, with the two drug dealers from earlier, giving part of their earnings to a big fat guy, the leader of this little gang of drug dealers. He is wearing ostentatious jewelry, and is waing around an assault rifle recklessly. There is still rain falling, though not as much as earlier.

PUNISHER (Caption): There’s also the filth that is just too thick for plain rain to get rid of.

Panel 6

Description: Same window as before, though we are not seeing it through the scope anymore. All three of the drug dealers are looking out the window, with horror in their faces, and screaming in terror. About to fly in the through the window is a rocket that has just come out of rocket launcher, with smoke trailing behind the shell.

PUNISHER (Caption): The kind that needs something a little stronger to remove it.

The End.


  1. That was really cool. I loved the use of the rain as an analogy for "cleaning up the filth", and your descriptions were very clear and easy to visualise. Nice job!

  2. Awesome script Matt, I like all the different perspectives.

    Off-topic: does anybody have James McNeill's e-mail? I've set up a layout of his Superman script and would like him to take a look. :)

    E-mail me at ivan_marcondes at hotmail dot com.

  3. Does that mean you're doing some art as well? That's cool! :-)

    You should hit him up on Twitter!

  4. It's rocket powered Easy Off BAM! isn't it?

    This is a tight little page that really sticks with the character. Not bad at all.


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