Monday, July 26, 2010

The Punisher - Pretty Funny - Ryan K Lindsay

1. Frank Castle stands on a pier dock. There’s a boat on fire in the water, dead bodies on the dock and in the water, and a flaming plane just crashing into the water about 100m away making a big splash. Frank has one gun in his hand, his other hand is quite clearly broken, fingers protruding everywhere like someone just tried to assemble a quick hand out of whatever they could find. We can’t see Frank’s face, he is looking out at the plane.
SFX: Crsplanksh

2. Frank is walking away, towards us.
Frank: Guess you should have answered that call.

3. Frank is still walking away, he’s just that bit closer to us. It’s over, they’re all dead and he can leave now.

4. Frank is closer again but this time looking down at one of the bodies. One of the dead bodies is not so dead and the guy is saying something.
Guy: Was that a joke?

5. Frank shoots the guy in the head twice.
SFX: Blam! Blam!

6. Frank is closer to us still, the smallest smile on his face. 
I completely see this Punisher as living in the Fraction/Remender world of War Journal. Other than that, there's not much to say. 


  1. Ahh, the ol' hero's one-liner. Love it!

  2. I would love to see the full-on visuals to accompany this, the imagery your scripted is an exquisite picture of destruction. All I could hear in my head after the fact was "'nuff said." Well done!

    Makes me want to go pick up some War Journal trades now.

  3. This is brilliant in its simplicity; nothing extraneous about it. Casey's right, an artist could really let loose with the destruction detailed in the script. Great stuff.

  4. I'd love nothing more than for an artist to create some of my violence on the page. Perhaps one day...thanks for the comments lads. I thought this one was a but simple but was the best idea I got...I got a lesser awesome idea and will post that script on my site in a day or two...

  5. What call?

    I must be a real dumbass, I don't get the gag.

    Other than that, no problems. ;-)

  6. Rol, I'm assuming there was a lot of set up for his 'answer the call' one-liner in the previous pages. I figured that line on its own is a pretty damn ordinary send off line and one the Punisher would never let someone hear him utter.

  7. Ah - I liked the idea... I guess I was just looking for the set-up in the script. No worries.

  8. I had the same problem saved me from making the same post.

    I get it now, and I like the idea of Frank killing someone who heard him utter a punchline. Can;t have people thinking he's becoming lighthearted.

  9. I quite liked how it was as if we'd come in at the end of the comic. It made for a nice change.


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