Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spider-Man - Team Up - Ryan K Lindsay

1. Spider-Man is sitting on the window ledge of a room and looking in, we can see from his posture that he’s kind of been busted and he’s trying to be still and quiet. Luke Cage is standing with his baby in one arm and a hushing finger held up to his lips.
Caption: A problem shared is a problem halved, isn’t that what they say?
Caption: It takes two to tango.
Caption: Two’s company, all that jazz.

2. Spider-Man is in a mirrored pose on the window ledge of the Nelson, Murdock, & Blake law agency. His shoulders are slumped as Foggy Nelson has an unsure look on his face and is shrugging because he doesn’t know where his good friend is either.
Caption: Everything is better when there’s two, Prince Adam and Cringer, pizza and beer, Han and Chewie, peanut butter and chocolate, Scorsese and De Niro.

3. Spidey is looking up into the eyes of Beta Ray Bill, Skuttlebutt looms in the background and there’s a shackled alien on the ground with some blood dripping from what might be its nose.
Caption: I guess, sometimes you just don’t know how to ask or even explain yourself so you stay quiet.
Caption: It would just be awkward for everybody; me, him, whoever we went up against.

4. Spidey is running away from the Punisher’s back. Punisher is busy shooting some goons in the back of the head as they run away from his front. This could either be really gory or just for laughs, however you play a goon getting shot in the back of the head for laughs…
Caption: And sometimes you realise that it’s best to never ask because the person might just say yes.

5. Spidey is perched on a bedside stand in a simple room; Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, has her bedside lamp on as she sits in bed.
Black Widow: You thought it would be a good idea to come to me for a team up?
Spider-Man: I just don’t really want to go through tonight alone.

6. The same panel as before but now Spidey looks just that bit sadder, he’s on the other side of the bedside stand, sitting, leaning against it, and his head is down. Natasha is reaching a hand across for him to pat him on the shoulder and has a look like she’s just caught her father crying in the tool shed.
Natasha: I don’t know what you’ve heard, but, uh, you’re not going to try and make a move on me are you?
Spider-Man: I’m just so lonely.
Natasha: Yikes…I don’t think we should even touch.

What's got Spidey so sad, dear reader? Well, you'll have to turn the page to find out. He's in a dilly of a pickle and I don't even think a night with the Black Widow is going to cure what ails him.


  1. C'mon Ryan, I know you thought up what Spidey's problem is and you're just waiting for someone to ask about it. ;)

    Solid character piece, classic Spidey.

  2. I like the build up here, there's a lot said in each of these panels, and it all gets us wondering along the way. The narration in the early panels captures PP's voice pretty well and there's both humour and pathos in the last two panels...

    Most of all though, I love the Stan Lee caption at the end.

  3. You know, Ivan, I'm not certain exactly what Spidey's problem is, but I like to think someone like Elektro just made fun of his package on a cold NY night and he's all sensitive about it now.

    @Rol - I figured out what the best way to write Stan the Man is, treat him like he's a slightly more erudite Ned Flanders. Works a treat.

  4. Just realised I hadn't commented on this yet...

    I really like the sad Spider-Man thing. I've never read any of the black-suit comics, so the only Spidey I know is the self-talking, witty one. It's nice to see the flip-side for a change. I'm also a big fan of team-ups, so his search for one was amusing, rather than the usual "show up" technique.


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