Friday, July 9, 2010

Spiderman- What If? Will Turner

Pg 1

Spiderman has four arms and eight legs. He has a painful expression on his face as half his arms are gripping the other half.

Spiderman: Ow! Cramp! Cramp!

Text: What if...Spiderman was a bit more literal?

Pg 2

Spiderman is wearing a tie and a bowler hat. He is patiently waiting behind a white van in the middle of stereotypical London traffic.

Text: What if...Spiderman was British?

Pg 3

Spiderman shakes his fist as Mr Fantastic's arm stretches around to grab a cup of sugar.

Text: What if Mr Fantastic was Spiderman's neighbour?

Pg 4

Stan Lee looks petrified as he sees Spiderman on his roof, contract and pen in hand.

Text: What if...he was real...and he wanted his cut?


  1. Haha, that sounds about right. No amount of flourished prose could save Stan from that one.

  2. A nice, short little piece that captures Spidey's playful side. Well done Will.

    My only gripe is that Spider-Man needs a hyphen in between Spider and Man. Nit picky I know, but nothing irks me more than when people do not spell my favourite character's name correctly (plus, DC own the rights to hyphen).

    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  3. Oh right I didn't know that, I love fun bits of trivia like that. The classic one for that is Dr Who fans- "He's called The Doctor!"

  4. I used to love those old What Th-!? done in one panel strips so this brought a smile to my face, Will - particularly #2. Presumably you mean panel rather than pg... and yes, Ben's right about the hyphen, it's imperative.

    Ben... do DC really own the rights to Spiderman? I've never heard that before... though it wouldn't surprise me given the wacky world of copyright law.

  5. I'd love to see a British Spidey, imagine the dry widecracks he'd rock out. Ha.

  6. @Rol - last time I checked they did....which was around 8 years ago...


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