Sunday, July 18, 2010

Will Turner- The Penguin- Our Feature Presentation

PANEL 1- The Penguin is dancing around a fifties style street, twirling his umbrella and prancing about in heavy precipitation. To further hammer home this reference, we see musical notes and the caption "I'm singing in the rain"

PANEL 2- First person view, like in Goodfellas. A bouncer smiles at The Penguin as he holds a note in his flipper.

PANEL 3- The Penguin, Two Face, Clayface (modelled on Sammy Davis Jr, but around the edges the clay residue gives away his real idendity) and The Joker strut like the original Frank Sinatra Oceans Eleven.

PANEL 4- The Penguin is poised at a lectern, passionately pointing his umbrella out to the crowd. Behind him is a giant poster reading "Vote Penguin" a la Citizen Kane.

PANEL 5- A dingy, cold apartment, with mould on the curtains and DVDs strewn across the floor, the discs seperate from their boxes. The Penguin is on the floor, dressed in a torn tuxedo, his umbrella dusty on a broken umbrella stand. He scowls at a DVD with a very familiar black shape on a yellow circle.

Caption: I could have had class. I could have been a contender. If it wasn't for that damn bat!


  1. Ha! Great stuff, Reynard. Any script that references a boatload of great, classic cinema is more than okay by me. :)

  2. LOL I thought of Penguin's umbrella, then Singing In The Rain and it kind of went from there!

  3. Ha, very funny, and kind of vignette-y in short burst ways, but it's cool. Nice work.

  4. How I miss Burgess Merideth. Good stuff Will.


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