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Gamora - The Deadliest Girlfriend in The Universe - Matt Duarte

Gamora in “The Most Dangerous Girlfriend in the Universe” by Matt Duarte

This page is to be set in six panels, three on the top, and three on the bottom. I know it doesn’t exactly fit in with the current continuity, but bear with me.

Panel 1

Description: Nova and Gamora, both in their full costume, are standing in front of a door, that is being opened by Nova’s dad (Charles Rider). While Nova looks confident and happy, Gamora looks very annoyed about being there, she is about to meet Richard’s parents for the first time. We are seeing this from inside the house. Charles is wearing typical dad clothes, some khaki pants and a polo shirt.

CHARLES: Richard, good to see you! And this... extravagantly dressed young lady must be...

NOVA: Dad, this is Gamora

GAMORA: Salutations, Mister Rider.

NOVA: And we are both VERY HAPPY to be here for Thanksgiving.

Panel 2

Description: Nova, Gamora and Charles Rider are now inside the house, walking through a very common looking living room. We can now see that strapped in Gamora’s belt is Godslayer, her incredibly powerful sword. Nova and his dad are talking as they walk, while she looks around the room.

CHARLES: Your mother misses you very much. She got a dog to keep her company while I’m at work. A pug. Wait until you see the ridiculous little thing.

Panel 3

Description: The pug is now in front of the group. Gamora is now shouting, and has grabbed her sword, raising it as if to strike the dog. Nova is jumping to try to stop her, while his dad looks in horror as the scene unfolds.

GAMORA: RICHARD! Beware! It is a Deathly Venomous Canidae from the Omega Nebula! I will dispatch of it!

Panel 4

Description: Gamora now sits in Nova’s bed in his old bedroom, which is full of geeky posters and action figures. She is grabbing her head in frustration. Nova has just walked into the room.

GAMORA: This is a disaster, I should have never come. I have ruined your family’s celebration.

NOVA: Look, it was a misunderstanding, it could happen to anyone. And besides, I just talked to the vet, and he says that the dog will regain full use of its remaining two legs.

GAMORA: You are not helping, Richard.

Panel 5

Description: Gamora has stood up and is now embracing Richard in a sensual manner. He looks slightly embarrassed while she has that look in her eyes.

GAMORA: Perhaps some... celebratory relaxation will help.

NOVA: In my parents’ house?!

GAMORA: I like to live dangerously, Richard.

Panel 6

Description: The living room again. This time, it’s only Charles and his wife Gloria are sitting in the couch. They look frustrated and angry.


NOVA (off-panel): Blue Blazes!

GAMORA (off-panel): Oh, my little human rocket!

GLORIA: Of all the women in the universe, he had to date this one?

CHARLES: I think I liked it better when he was a nerd and he didn’t have any luck with women.

The End!


  1. This made me chuckle, Matt, though I think it highlighted the fact that I've been confusing Gamora with Nebula for far to long.

    That "little human rocket" line will give me nightmares though.

  2. There's a theme beginning here : ) lol

  3. Seems Gamora only dates the losers, what's up with that. Sorry, Nova's no loser, I know, sorry...ha

    Matt, this is a tight script, I like the break between panels 3 and 4, it works really well to skip the whole dog slashing spree.

    Little human rocket is also quite well played.

  4. Human rocket.....great, I'll be seeing that picture in my head for weeks.

    Nice work Matt.


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