Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gamora – Not The Good Time You’re Looking For – Ryan K Lindsay

1. A circle of no good long hairs sit around with some candles between them and one lone incense oil burner. It’s a dark and moist room.
Caption: The smell of greasy lank hair fills the room. They think it overpowers the cheap lavender incense in the middle of them. It doesn’t.
Caption: They’re hoping the fact they just experienced carnal knowledge while under the influence of perception altering drugs is going to summon a queen they really know nothing about.

2. One of these goons is looking up in shock as a green skinned beauty appears before them.
Caption: They’ve been mistakenly calling her Gomorrah. And worshipping her as such.

3. Another goon comes behind Gamora with an ornate and filthy blade.
Caption: They thought a decorative blade bought from one of those pot shops would be enough to fell their queen in an orgy of blood.

4. A red panel.
Caption: Most of them thought the following was perhaps just a dream or some drug fugue.
Caption: Dying and not believing it’s real is actually a nicer way to go.

5. Gamora is walking away from the massacred group. She doesn’t look happy.
Caption: Killing and knowing you have no alternative is not so pleasant.
Caption: Drug addled no goods fight til they’re hamburger.

6. Gamora looks to her left and we see revealed the real reason she is there, Mystique.
Mystique: C’mon, you thought that was it?
Mystique: They had no way to get you here…but I did.
Mystique: And an even better reason.


  1. This one has a touch of the Lovecraft about it—summoning something you know will undoubtedly kill you for doing so—and even though it wasn't actually them who did it, it still works for me :-)

  2. Nice intro, made me want to read on. A catfight between G & M would be excellent.

    And I'd never made the Gamora / Gomorrah connection before.

  3. I liked it!!!!

    Subtle, well metered with a reveal that makes you might to know what happens next!

  4. Mystique and Gamora huh? I like it. Great work again Ryan.


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