Monday, August 2, 2010

Gamora - Revelations - Ben Rosenthal

The following panels take place on a 3-line grid. The first two panels are on the first line, and are of equal size. Panels 3 – 6 take place on the second line of the grid, and can vary on size. However they should all be small in order to convey the speed of the situation (if you have a better idea on how to convey these panels, I’m open to any suggestions.). The last two panels appear on the last line of the grind, and are of equal size.

The following page takes place in the middle of a storyline in which the evil Magus (an alternate reality version of Adam Warlock) has claimed the throne of the Shi’ar Empire.
In previous pages, Magus’ hooded wife, from his dimension, is battling with Gamora and Adam Warlock. During the course of the fight, Magus’ wife is unhooded and is revealed to be an alternate version of Gamora...or so we are lead to believe.
We join the comic at a point where Adam has just been stabbed by Alternate Gamora’s sword. He is lying on the ground, but still conscious. He watches as an enraged Gamora battles Alternate Gamora to a standstill. Alternate Gamora is on the ground, looking up at Gamora who has the tip of her sword pointed at Alternate Gamora’s throat (confused yet?).

1. We see this panel side on. Gamora is standing, two hands on the helm of her broad sword. It is pointed directly at Alternate Gamora’s throat. Alternate Gamora looks much like Gamora, however has a few more battle scars, including a very pronounced scar on her right cheek. Alternate Gamora is looking up at Gamora, with a sadistic smile on her face. She has both hands on the blade of the sword, stopping it from cutting into her skin. Blood from her hands spills down the blade. Between the two, in the background, he wounded Adam Warlock lays, one hand propping him up, the other pressed against his wound on his stomach.

“I hope you said sufficient goodbyes when you left your home dimension, for you shall never see it again.”

“Is that what you think? Heh, I am not an alternate version of you...”

2. This is a tighter shot on Adam, propped up and in pain. His face shows confusion.

“...Adam is not an alternate version of Magus.”

“What do you mean?”

3. In a swift movement (which could be shown in a similar fashion as to when Spider-Man moves at a fast and nimble pace in one panel), Alternate Gamora pushes the blade of the sword up as she jumps to her feet.

4. Alternate Gamora flips backwards, striking Gamora on the chin with her feet. Gamora’s head snaps back on impact.

5. Alternate Gamora has landed, and is seen to be pulling a blade from the sleeve of her hooded robe.

6. A close up of Gamora’s face as the sword cuts deep into her right cheek.


7. Gamora is on one knee, standing beside Adam. Her sword is at her feet. Blood flows freely from the fresh wound on her check. The cut is deep.

“You find a way to harness the power of the Time Gem.”

8. A close up of Alternate Gamora smiling sadistically. The scar on her right cheek matches the one she just gave Gamora.

“You are us.”

From here Gamora and Adam obviously have to find a way out of the fight, decide if they believe what Alternate Gamora has said, fight the new King and Queen of the Shi’ar Empire, all while trying to ignore the feelings they have for each other.


  1. I had considered writing something to do with the Time Gem, but I didn't know if she still had it, or what happened with it, or anything, so I decided against it :-)

  2. Ben, this is a pretty damn fine idea. Excellent use of the cheek scar. I didn't even mind the long intro as it got me exactly where I needed to be, though I wonder how the script would read without that intro, or having it afterwards instead...

    Excellent work man, you've made Gamora readable for me.

  3. It's a shame you couldn't give Alternate Gamora a cool name like "Walternate" from Fringe : P


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