Monday, August 30, 2010

John Constantine - Archie Meets John Constantine - Max Barnard

The Premise: Oh as if you don't already know!


Page 1 - 6 Panels

1-- Archie Andrews is being chased by a demonic hellhound down a dark road, a ferocious black shape with glowing red eyes, white fangs dripping with saliva and a collar with giant spikes jutting out from it. Archie himself is down to his boxers, flailing wildly as he flees.

SPEECH BUBBLE/ARCHIE - Cripes! This vicious dog is more obsessed with me than Betty! AND it's got to see me in less clothes than she has!

2-- The monster is now much closer to Archie, who has tripped and is halfway towards hitting the ground.


3-- Archie is now being dragged backwards by the hellhound as a fiery hole is tearing open in the road behind them both.


4-- The hellhound's head is blown off by a giant fireball, spraying Archie with blood.



5-- Constantine is now standing over Archie (who is crawling out from under the hellhound's corpse) as a sillhouette, smoking shotgun in hand. The fiery hole in the road is now gone, leaving only a bit of rising smoke.

SPEECH BUBBLE/CONSTANTINE - Sorry I took so long Ginge, took a while to get this soddin' gun set up. Not one to use magic often, m'afraid.

SPEECH BUBBLE/ARCHIE - H-h-who are you, mister?

6-- John constantine is now revealed in all his glory, using the lingering flames from the magical shotgun to light a roll-up fag.

SPEECH BUBBLE/CONSTANTINE - I'm Keanu bleedin' Reeves, mate, who do you think I am? John Constantine, all-around magical bloke at your service. Come with me if you want to live an' all that.

CAPTION - Will Archie come with this strange Liverpudlian? Can a chain-smoking, cursing humanist fit in with Archie's strong Christian values? Find out all this and more... In YOUR IMAGINATIONS!


  1. Max, this is pretty good but I was worried it wouldn't quite get past the initial cool of the title alone. It feels a fair bit like just putting Archie and JC into the one page but it doesn't exactly intertwine them.

    I would have preferred to see JC right in the world, or vice versa, but I didn't exactly feel like I got that. It all felt too one note for me.

    And where was Mr Weatherbee? You should have made him the demon!

  2. yeah I was a little worried about once again choosing to do a first page when it wouldn't really make good on the premise. Which makes it weirdly tempting to continue this story as well at some point.

    Especially now I'm thinking about mr weatherbee as a horrific and grotesque demon. Or go a four horsemen approach and have him as war to Jughead's Famine!

  3. "I'm Keanu bleedin' Reeves, mate, who do you think I am?"

    Hahah, oh wow. Good stuff, Max.

  4. Like Ryan, I would have liked to see more John - if only because when he does arrive, you script him so well, Max. If you do decide to follow this through, please let me know.


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