Sunday, August 29, 2010

John Constantine - Dream a Little Dream - Ben Rosenthal

The following could take place in current continuity, where John has recently been having dreams about his Demon offsider, Demon Constantine (for those of you not in the know, Demon Constantine is all of the dark and worst attributes John had put into a body which now roams freely in hell doing whatever it wants).

There are nine panels to this page, but am unsure how they would fit. All I can suggest is your basic 3x3 grid.

This takes place in a dream.

1. John Constantine is sitting at a table in a seedy looking bar. He is lighting a cigarette with a match, the red glow of flames illuminating his face.

You going to by me a drink, or what?

2. Sitting across from John is a man who looks almost identical to him. He could pass for John’s twin, if it were not for the maggots crawling from the holes where clumps of flesh once lived. This is Demon Constantine.

Why would I do that? You hate yourself John, almost as much as I hate you.

3. John Constantine is exhaling smoke, looking at his demon doppelganger.

4. Demon Constantine is talking. In the background directly behind him there are a few sets of glowing eyes appearing. There are ten or so non-descript humanoid shapes floating behind Demon Constantine. He has a smirk on his face.

You once wanted me back, and I declined. I wanted you back, you declined. Third time to win the game John, but this time I have a home team advantage.

All those innocent people you ever so willingly let die, all those you allowed to be sucked in the abyss. They want vengeance, John. And I want the Throne.

5. John Constantine is looking down at his cigarette as he taps the ash from its tip into an ash tray.

Here’s the thing – these geezers floating behind you. They were good people. Only a dark individual would let innocent people fall for his own ends. And I’m afraid I don’t have that in me anymore....

...but you do.

6. Demon Constantine looks worried as the humanoid ghosts suddenly sprout large gnashing teeth, reaching for him with their spindly clawed hands. A large vortex is opening behind them.

7. All we can see coming from the vortex are the legs of Demon Constantine as he is pulled into the vortex by the ghosts.


8. The same panel, however in place of the portal is now just a little spark, and a ‘BOOP’ sound effect.

9. John Constantine is taking another puff from his cigarette.



  1. Ben - not bad at all. John is offhand and pretty flippant so that feels right.

  2. Nailed it, Ben. The only line that felt off was John's "Only a dark individual..." - felt a little too occult textbook. Other than that, this is JC to a T.

  3. Thanks guys. To be honest, I'm not terribly happy with this one. It just seems so basic and contrived. Not even sure if it fits in with any continuity at all. I know very little about Constantine, besides his movie and appearance in Sandman.

    Rol, for you to say that I nailed it - I'm really quite flattered.

    If you guys think it's good, then hell I'm not going to argue. Just concerned that I haven't done the character or his story justice.

  4. I like it a lot, but I'm gonna say that I feel you're a bit off of John's voice (not that I'll fare better with my upcoming script ahahaha)

    also it's clear that you learnt from that LJ link you found when it comes to your panel descriptions. nice work


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