Tuesday, August 31, 2010

John Constantine - No Escape - Matt Duarte

John Constantine in “No Escape” by Matt Duarte

This whole scene is set from the point of view of John Constantine. Panels 3 through 5 are a small flashback, so the colors should change accordingly. It is set in eight different panels. Panels 1 and 2 on the first row, 3 through 5 are smaller and on the second row, 6 and 7 are the same size as the first two, and the final one is the biggest one from the page on it’s own row.

Panel 1

Description: A completely dark panel.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Ugh.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Hate waking up not knowing where I am. Alright, situation assessment.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Dead? No.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Pissed? No.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Hungover? Possibly.

Panel 2

Description: We can now see some prison bars, and though it is still very dark there is a door somewhat far away, from where light is beaming in.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Movement? Can turn around, but legs and arms are bloody useless.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Location? Seems to be some kind of jail. I guess I’m a prisoner.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Been here, done this. Heh.

Panel 3

Description: Flashback scene. We see a pint of Guinness, and a hand holding it, as well as another hand holding a fag.

CONSTANTINE (Caption, top left): Last night?

Panel 4

Description: Flashback scene. A pair of breasts in a rather revealing blouse, seen from incredibly (and inappropriately) close up.

Panel 5

Description: Flashback scene. Vomit on the floor, seen from incredibly close up.

CONSTANTINE (Caption, bottom right): Typical.

Panel 6

Description: Once again, the prison bars and the lit door, though now there is a shape standing in the doorway.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Someone is coming. Time to work my “magic” and get out of here.

Panel 7

Description: Same as previous panel, though now the figure is a lot closer and we can see through the shape that she is a woman.

WOMAN: Johnnie, are you alright?

CONSTANTINE (Caption): What? It can’t be..

Panel 8

Description: A mirror, in which we can see a blond woman, with short and slightly spike-ish hair, making her look like Sting during his The Police days. She is happily holding a baby, who is wrapped in a blanket. She just took him out of his wooden crib, and the baby’s short blond hair looks disheveled. The baby is looking directly at the reflection of the mirror.

CONSTANTINE (Caption): Mum?

To Be Continued!

About The Script: I’m of the mind that John Constantine cannot be defeated. You can try to fight him, trap him, outsmart him, but you will definitely and inevitably fail once he figures out what is going on. The idea behind this script is that what we are seeing here is not reality, but rather a “What If...” being shown to Constantine about how different and how much better his life could have been. In the reality we know, his mother died during his birth, but not here, and that changes everything for him. Instead of the cynic bastard, we learn that John could have been a well-adjusted and highly talented magician, a place where those around him don’t constantly die... if only his mother had lived. Something that John can’t ever change. You can’t defeat John, but I can’t think of a worst torture for him than this.


  1. Cool concept and nice script, Matt. Would love to see this played out over more pages. Great stuff.

  2. Me too. Sort of John Constantine: One More Day... or John Constantine: It's A Wonderful Life. What a great idea, and really nicely set up, Matt.


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