Tuesday, August 31, 2010

John Constantine – One Final Test For The Girl – Ryan K Lindsay

1. We see John Constantine behind the bar at a pub. It’s an old school pub, lots of wood, and maybe just on the left of this wide panel we see a pentacle on the wall, it’s right on the dart board. Sitting at the bar are a few gentlemen with trenchcoats on, we don’t see their faces. One of them has a nice big fedora on the seat next to him like it’s his lady.
Constantine: Saddle up, what can we do you for, pard’ner?
Constantine (smaller): Heh, I love this gig.

2. We see a distraught woman at the door, this is Dala. She is clearly lost, alone, on the run.
Dala: Where am I? I’m running out of time?

3. Constantine smiles as he lights a cigarette, because in this pub the smoking laws need not apply.
Constantine: Well, lady, we don’t exactly deal in time here, and I have no idea where you want to be, love?

4. Dala is unsure.
Dala: I have to leave. I have to find my friend.

5. Constantine yells at Dala as she is already leaving the pub, probably have this close on JC and have Dala leaving in a mirror somewhere behind the bar.
Constantine: Beware the moors, Dala!

6. We are outside the pub now, we can see an old shingle for the place naming it The Slaughtered Lamb, and there’s some paddock work out the back. The moon is full in the sky and Dala is running away, beating her feet to beat the devil.
Caption: Shit, it’s beware the moon, isn’t it? Keep clear of the moors and beware the moon. Why do I always fuck that bit up?
Caption (different colour): You really want one of us to answer that?
Caption: Ah, fuck it. This is the last time, if she fails the test again I say I shoot her.
Caption: (different colour): A magician shooting a girl. You always were a pleb.
Caption: You know the drill; ours is but to reason why…theirs is but to do or die.
Caption: Let’s go you mouldy motherfuckers.

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  1. And here's me holding my f-words for fear of breaking site rules. ;-)

    You certainly captured John's cheeky, devil-may-care side here, Ryan, and I liked the American Werewolf crossover. Actually, it'd be really nice to see John in that setting - though I bet he'd be complaining about the countryside. He hates the countryside.

    I was wondering who the others in the pub might be - I'm guessing Phantom Stranger et al. I always liked it when John butted heads with DC's supernatural elite, though I guess they don't allow that anymore.

    The only line that stuck out for me was the one in panel 3, but I think it was just the rogue question mark that stopped it reading properly.


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