Friday, August 27, 2010

Jubilee - Candidacy - Simon McDonald

Dear Imaginary Artist;

This page would be an absolute bitch to illustrate. Possibly quite a bore too; two people, sitting togther in a coffee shop, chatting. It's gonna be a packed page; word balloons galore.

Perhaps this is why I'm writing to an Imaginary Artist...

* * *
1. Magneto and Jubilee are sitting in a diner, clad in civilian gear. From afar I suppose it might look like a father and daughter sharing a coffee; but there’s none of that familial comfort here. Jubilee is clearly anxious, eager to have this meeting over with.

Your powerlessness does not equate to uselessness.

I’ve already had this pep talk. Months ago.
You missed the boat, Magnus.

2. Magneto brings his steaming cup of coffee to his lips, smiling.


Yes, I’m sure Scott fed you his nonsense X-Man diatribe...
“It isn’t a requisite for an X-Man to possess a mutant gene, rather it requires a particular type of thinking... a certain self-belief and desire to protect the world and all of its species...”
Or maybe it was Logan.
The man might have zero tact and a panache for violence, but he’s actually quite the covert inspirational speaker, isn’t he...
Always had quite a knack for rallying the troops...

3. Jubilee makes a show of glimpsing at her watch; she wants to leave - now. Magneto’s arms are now crossed, coffee cup settled into place on the table.


Y’know, I promised Pixie I’d meet her at the mall...

Then allow me to finish.
You may no longer be a mutant
- but you’ve become a far more powerful entity thanks to your impotency.

4. Tight on Jubilee, rather miffed at what she’s taken as a jibe.


5. Pull back; Magneto, arms still folded, talking. Jubilee, leaning forward.

I have a contact within the upper echelons of the United States Government.
He feeds me information from time to time in exchange for favours.


Jubilation, you try my patience.

 6. Tight on Magneto, deadly serious. Jubilee’s taken aback by his words; visibly stunned.

There is, very soon, going to be an opening within the newly founded Mutant Management Agency as Director of Human / Mutant relations.
I’d like my contact to put your name forward as a candidate.
And I believe, with your history  it is a position you’re highly likely to attain.


7. Magneto’s expression softens. He’s being completely honest now.

My time is passing, Jubilation.
And given my previous ... misdemeanours... I would not be accepted into the fold.
It’s time for a younger generation to speak out for mutants.
Someone who can bridge the gap between mutants and humans.
Who better than a young woman who has been both?

Will She?
Won't She?
To Be Continued!


  1. i laughed hard. "sexual?" may well be the best response anyone could have ever had here. I am proud, PROUD of the comedic timing here.

    also, ya know, it's a kick-all-sorts-of-arse script anyway

  2. It's a great idea and really well scripted, Simon, but would she have time to fit that job in between all the shopping and staring at cute guys?

  3. Nice idea for a story...and there's definitely nothing wrong with talking heads every once in a while! I think you nailed both characters here, and I definitely had a laugh at "sexual?" as well. :)

  4. Thanks for the nice words, guys!

    By the way, is Magneto generally referred to as Erik or Magnus? I feel like I should just know . . . but apparently I don't.

  5. Probably depends who's doing the talking. I think in the '90s he was commonly referred to by everyone as Magnus, and since Jubilee is really a product of that time, it makes sense that she would call him that no matter what anyone else is calling him.

  6. Simon - nice work here. You use talking heads well and the idea of Jubilee actually havinhg a purpose in this way is almost a redeeming concept for her.

    Almost ;)


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