Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jubilee – Honey, You’re The Only Danger In The Room – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Jubilee stands over a bashed up Pixie. She has her wings broken and Jubilee has blood dripping off her clenched fists and a grimace an abyss deep.
Caption: It’s just not ever going to end.

2. Jubilee leans against the wall and wipes her face with the back of her hand. She’s exhausted.
Caption: Everywhere I turn they keep coming at me.
Caption: I’m not even getting a moment to breathe.

3. Jubilee looks up to her right, down into the alley. She has a look of concern on her face.
Caption: All I want is to get off this ride.

4. Jubilee now has a look of anger in her face.
Caption: I’ll do anything it wants me to do just to be free.

5. Big panel, Jubilee stands with hands splayed at her sides, slightly rising up. Sparks and flares shooting from her finger tips.
Caption: I’ll do anything.
Jubilee: Let’s see how you sneak up on me now when there aren’t any shadows, you bitch!

Title/Caption: Honey, You’re The Only Danger In The Room
Caption: Next week: Out Of The Shadows Comes The Cat


  1. man... I don't even know. I just love this... I'm lost

  2. Is Jubilee really that badass? Depends who's writing her, I guess.

  3. Hey Max - thanks man. I was actually surprised I could use Jubilee in this way, Think it worked out alright.

    Rol - I doubt she is generally that bad ass but I figure she's been in the Danger Room for about 3 weeks by this point in the story and so she's mighty nasty and at her wits end.


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