Monday, August 23, 2010

Jubilee - The Light That Never Goes Out - Ben Rosenthal

This page consists of 6 panels. The first panel take up half the page in length, and also half the width. Panels 2 and 3 are to the right of this panel, each taking up half the length of Panel 1, so that they are on top of each other. Panels 4 and 5 are identicle in size, as Panel 6 again takes up half of the full page's length and width.

(By pure coincidence, I too have used a song title for the title of this weeks script. A No-Prize to the first person to guess who sang it).

. A wide panel looking down on a room. A large double bed is at the centre of the panel. Jubilee is lying in the bed, eyes closed as if asleep. However, she is clutching at the sheets, clearly looking uncomfortable.

TEXT BOX: “How many things can a 20 year old gal be?”

2. A closer shot of Jubilee, from the chest up. There are lines on her forehead as she frowns. It looks as if she is having a bad dream.

TEXT BOX: “Mallrat, Sidekick, Human, Vampire...”

TEXT BOX: “Like, I’ve had and lost powers more times than Magneto!”

3. Closer on Jubilee, now from the neck up. Sweat has begun to bead from Jubilee’s forehead. Her lip is curling back in pain. The colours in the panel have also gone slightly opaque, looking a few shades lighter.

TEXT BOX: “And that’s what it always comes down to – powers.”

4. Closer again, this time from the chin up. We can still see all of Jubilee’s head. The same panel as above, however Jubilee’s face is showing slightly more pain. The colours of the panel are whiter still.

TEXT BOX: “My powers are in my DNA. You can’t stop them any more than you can make my eyes blue or hair green.”

5. A tight shot on Jubilee’s face. A mostly white panel with the feint outline of Jubilee’s shocked and pain ridden face. Her eyes are open wide, and mouth gaping – wrestling with a scream which refuses to come.

TEXT BOX: “You can suppress them for a while, but eventually they will...”

6. A mostly white panel. We can see a faint outline of a female amongst the bright light. She is floating, composed entirely of light. She looks powerful, with light bursting from her, and at the same time being a part of her.

TEXT BOX: “...explode.”

Basically, Jubilee becomes an Omega powered mutant with powers similar to that of the Living Laser (but wayyyy cooler). She would be the first of some (or possibly all) of the depowered mutants to have her powers come back after laying dormant for so long.

This would lead to some of these said mutants, who would have similarly ramped up power levels, taking vengeance on those who they feel persecuted them. It would get us back to what makes the X-Men cool – people with ridiculous power fighting each other with it.


  1. Hey Ben, liking the script. I like the idea of Jubilee getting powers again, I hope they do something like this in the curse of the mutants story arc and don't just turn her into a vamp and then stake her!

    Good stuff man

  2. oh man I love this Ben. You've written something I was hoping to see SO much this week, and it's perfect. you've captured the voice of Jubes and the scripting is pretty solid.

    ... yeah I broke my rule on only posting criticism in the comments, but I'm just THAT happy with this.

  3. Am I the only one who felt this whole page was a little orgasmic...?

    Well written though, and explained. I'm wondering when Marvel will eventually bring back plemnty of those sad mutants who lost their powers. It's bound to happen within the next 10 years, I say.

  4. Oh, and the song's a Smith's tune, isn't it. I have a cover version by Speedstar that's pretty damn fine.

    I assume Rol would have got this one too!

  5. Nice work. I'd love to see the de-powered mutants come back with "ramped up" powers! 4 years of "repressed" powers would undoubtedly cause some havoc if released all at once. Make it happen! : P

  6. Thanks!

    @Ryan - a winner is you! Doesn;t really relate to the song at all, but I liked the title.
    Also, I'm glad you picked up on the orgasmic side of things. I wasn't sure if anyone would, so I thought better not to mention it.

  7. Nice idea, Ben.

    And I think I will change the title of my script to the name of a song as well, haha.

  8. I toyed with a similar idea (about all the different things she's been in her career) but I'm glad I didn't go with it. It wouldn't have been this good.


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