Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jubilee - My Generation - Matt Duarte

Jubilee in “My Generation” by Matt Duarte

This story set in the early 90’s so, unless otherwise stated, everyone is wearing their Jim-Lee designed outfits from the Gold and Blue era of the X-Men, pouches everywhere, and all that. It is laid out in 5 panels, a 2 by 2 grid, and then a final big and wide panel at the bottom of the page.

Panel 1

Description: The X-Men are all in their briefing room, with members like Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Jean Grey, Wolverine, etc. and at the front of the group is Jubilee, who is raising her hand. Separated from the group is Professor Xavier, who is in his awesome yellow hover-wheelchair. He is giving the briefing, looking calmly.

XAVIER: The plan therefore is to travel all the way to Asteroid M and confront Mag...

JUBILEE (interrupting): Professor Xavier! I have a question!

XAVIER: Yes, my child?

JUBILEE: Can I sit this one out? I promised my friend Melissa that we would go shopping together.

Panel 2

Description: Jubilee is now standing closer to Xavier, who looks frustrated.

XAVIER: Jubilation, this is a matter of utmost importance, we must stop Mag...

JUBILEE: Yes, but they are having a sale on all yellow raincoats at the mall! You know I only have six of those left!

XAVIER: The answer remains no, Jubilee! We need all the help we can get against Mag...

JUBILEE (interrupting): Aw, come on!

Panel 3

Description: Xavier is now visibly angry while Jubilee is looking inside one of her coat's pocket.

XAVIER: Child, the safety of the whole world hinges in all of us coming together and battling Mag...

SFX (interrupting): RING RING!

JUBILEE: Oh, that must be Melissa calling! Where did I put that cell phone again?

Panel 4

Description: Jubilee is now walking away, while talking on one of those ridiculously huge 90’s cell phones. Behind her, Xavier is now completely enrage, raising his arms and shouting!

JUBILEE (on phone): Yeah, Melissa, I’m heading there right now.

XAVIER: Miss Lee, if you walk away now, I will be demoting you!

JUBILEE (shouting): Whatevs!

JUBILEE (talking on the phone): I hope I die before I get old.

Panel 5

Description: Jubilee is now wearing her red Generation X outfit, surrounded by the other members of Generation X, such as Chamber, Skin, Husk, M, etc who are all looking at her. She is closing her eyes and screaming at the reader.

JUBILEE: Professor Xavier is a jerk!

The End!


  1. Hey, this actually DOES explain why she wasn't in X-Men #1 and 2!

  2. Haha, I did remember that she wasn't in that arc, but I wasn't sure if it was for a reason or not.

    I'll take My No Prize though.

  3. another song title! and a good script to boot. you're clearly the person who's gotten the most out of 90s Jubilee speak and I could not be happier

  4. haha She got demoted for being Alicia Silverstone :-)

  5. This made me laugh. You do a very good line in Mallrat, Matt. Liked the final line homage to a classic Paul Smith X-Men cover too.

  6. This is brilliant, very funny! Loved it.

  7. Matt - you've spoken volumes about Jubilee in this script right here, ha, golden.


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