Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gamora - Never Send a Man... - Brandon Whaley

This page would be seven panels. The way I see it would be three columns. The first two columns would consist of three panels each, with the final panel stretching the length of the page. Of course, this is all open to artist interpretation.

Panel 1:

We see the Incredible Hercules engaged in mighty battle against Thanos in downtown New York City. Herc has Thanos in the grip of a bear hug.

Caption: He is the deadliest enemy the galaxy has ever known.

Panel 2:

We see Herc being shrugged aside by Thanos just as Captain America steps in, shield at the ready.

Panel 3:

Captain America is being thrown back by a powerful blast from Thanos. As he falls to the ground, we see the Hulk jump on-panel, the ground being shattered as he lands.

Caption: The mightiest of warriors have once again assembled to stand in the path of Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Panel 4:

Thanos has the Hulk in a choke hold. The Silver Surfer flies in on his board, fists crackling with cosmic energy, a scowl on his face.

Panel 5:

Thanos throws the Hulk at the Surfer, knocking him from his board just as he releases his blast. We see the blast nail Drax the Destroyer, who has attempted to sneak up on the Titan in the meantime.

Caption: Thanos returns time after time to accomplish his mad agenda. Each defeat is merely a delay to him.

Panel 6:

We see Thanos standing triumphant, the bodies of the most powerful men in the Marvel universe scattered at his feet. The aforementioned opponents, along with others such as Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Quasar, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Professor Xavier, and any others the artist wishes to include. All men.

Caption: The moral of the story? Never send a man...

Panel 7:

We see Gamora in full battle garb (well, what passes for full battle garb for her at least), her sword at the ready and a dangerous glint in her eye.

Gamora: “ do the job of the galaxy's most dangerous woman.”


  1. I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes here...I had a brief stint of internet access and jumped on it.

  2. no-one had posted since thursday, I'm fairly sure you're safe.

    And I love this, btw. Simple concept but it works wonders

  3. Brandon, this is a pretty cool script. I dig how much you fit into it but it doesn't seem over stakce,d it seems busy in action and vidual but not busy in story, it's all just a blur before the deadly lady steps out. I like that.

    Glad to have you knock one up, mate. Well in.

  4. Brandon, great to have you back!

    I really liked it. Much like Ryan said, I loved the quick beating of Earth's mightest. Makes Gamora seem so much more of a threat to Thanos, and to Earth as a result, when she goes toe to toe with him.

    However, you loose marks for no Thanos Chopper.

  5. Haha you know the Thanos Chopper would have shown up later in the issue! Plus that's my secret weapon if Thanos ever gets chosen lol.

  6. Well paced, well scripted, does the job perfectly.


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