Monday, August 9, 2010

The Question - ? - Ben Rosenthal

This page is once again a 3 lined grid. The first panel is a landscape shot, and as such takes up the length of the page. The second line on the grid has panels 2 and 3, both of which are of the same size. Panels 4 and 5 are on the last line of the grid, and are again of the same size.

The following takes place at the end of the battle between Wonder Woman’s team of super heroes (of which Batgirl and The Question are a part of), and aliens whom attacked Washington DC.

1. The front lawn of the White House, although there is very little green left. Where there was once a large expansive lawn now lays a scene from a war. Machinery, both alien and local, is strewn from one end of the gates surrounding the White House to the other. There are still many small fires burning.
In the middle, baring the marks of a hard fought victory are Wonder Woman, Batgirl and The Question (Renee Montoya). All have their respective costumes torn and singed in places.

We have won.

2. Closer in on the group of three. Wonder Woman is standing tall, with Batgirl crouched beside her, exhausted. The Question is on the other side of Wonder Woman, slightly slumped shouldered but still standing.

The battle fierce, and the cost great, but we won. We proved ourselves as champions.

3. The same panel as before, however now Wonder Woman has turned to The Question to address her. She has placed one hand on The Question’s shoulder.

For one so new to this world of ours, you have shown supreme courage. Attending to hurt civilians with no question for your own safety was admirable.

I for one, would have you as my partner any day, place or time.

4. Same scene, with Wonder Woman’s hand still on The Question’s shoulder. Although we cannot see her face, Renee’s body language tells us that she is uncomfortable.

5. Same panel as above.

I.....I’m seeing someone.....


  1. I'm breaking my own rule on only posting criticisms up instead of sucking up but WOW, you've topped my own comedic sense here. AND reminded me of Ennis/Conner's The Pro and its own Wonder Woman analogue trying to seduce The Pro

  2. I want some sort of Benny Hill music at the end to punctuate the joke. It's pretty good, though.

    Is it strange that I think you nail Wonder Woman's voice because she sounds like an awkward exposition sqwark box and that's how I see her...?

  3. Hahaha! I like it. And I agree with Ryan, Wonder Woman is perfect, and she does sound like a sqwark box haha

  4. What I like about this page is that although, yes, it's a joke... it's also a joke which could very easily have fit into the story in question. Of course, it does open up all kinds of longstanding worm cans regarding WW's own sexuality. Renee's isn't in doubt... but Diana, coming from a female-only island of Amazon man-killers... well, you can understand why Renee would make that mistake!

  5. @Rol - I'm glad you were on the same wavelength as I. The whole idea for this script came from me thinking of those possibilities.

    @Ryan and Brandon - what's a sqwark box? I'm assuming it's generic talk in order to make a scene flow.

    @Max - thanks for the compliments!


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