Friday, August 13, 2010

The Question - A Bizarre Statement - Matt Duarte

The Question in “A Bizarre Statement” by Matt Duarte

This page is to be set in four panels. Three long vertical ones in the first half of the page, and the bottom one a big one that takes up the other half of the page.

Panel 1

Description: We are seeing this from inside Renee Montoya’s apartment, she is climbing through the window, only to find a guest in there. We can only see a blue outfit with a red cape, as Superman stands in front of her.

QUESTION (Caption): It’s not the first time I’ve met him, but he always freaks me out. All that power. I can’t help but think the worst from people sometimes.

QUESTION (Caption): Though I did take a bit of pride when he said he had trouble tracking me down.

Panel 2

Description: From the same angle as before, Superman is now standing next to her by the window, he is pointing to the right as they both look out.

QUESTION (Caption): Turns out he just came to warn me about a copycat of some sorts, from what I understand.

QUESTION (Caption): He said I better see it for myself, three blocks down the road, the alley on the right.

Panel 3

Description: Seen from inside the alley, with two imposing walls on the side. The Question is entering an alley, with a small blue blip flying overhead.

QUESTION (Caption): I would never say it to his face, but I hate being involved with them. I feel so out of my element.

Panel 4

Description: The Question walks into the end of the alleyway, while Superman lands next to her. Up on the wall, there is a big graffiti that looks like this one from the cover of 52 (reference here). The only difference is that the text underneath reads “EXCLAMATE THE STATEMENT”

QUESTION (Caption): I mean, how the $#%& am I supposed to know what “Bizarro World” is?

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  1. Matt, nice idea. I wonder what the Bizarro Question would be like (and that's the beauty of this script, it makes your mind race ahead).

    Interesting use to only have captions and not show the actual dialogue, gives us the exposition and her thoughts, probably works best, to be honest.

  2. I couldn't decide if the Bizarro version of "The Question" would be "The Exclamation" or "The Statement", so in the end I went for something that hinted at both.

  3. "Question the answers!" would suit a rebellion/uprising-type story :-)

  4. Bizarro Question is a great idea. Just a great idea.


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