Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scott Pilgrim –V EC Horror V 80’s Video Games – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Scott Pilgrim is sitting up on a dirty floor. He has just woken up, he looks groggy, there’s little *’s circling his head.
Caption: Your name is Scott Pilgrim and the last thing you remember is Ramona screaming.
Caption: It sounded like she might have seen a monster...or a monster sale.

2. Scott is standing up and looking around him.
Caption: Either way, she is now gone and you are all alone.
3. Scott is walking down a long hallway.
Caption: You’d only come to fill out a prescription with Dr West. You’d had trouble sleeping. The wetness had returned.

4. Scott has come across some creepy little red things that bounce along the floor and look like they’d possibly form a piranha frenzy around your ankles.
Caption: But now you’ve lost your girl, you’ve lost your way, and if you are seeing those creepy little things you might well have lost your mind.

5. Scott has rounded a corner and there’s a pedestal with a down light above it. On the pedestal is a creepy red mask, its face is plain, it looks like a red gimp mask.
Caption: You see the Terror Mask and you know you have only one choice.

6. Scott is looking down to see a metal pole suddenly in his hand, I’d imagine this as a low angle shot.
Caption: Scott Pilgrim, welcome to the Splatterhouse.
Caption: We’ve got fun and games.
Caption: You’ve got a bitchin’ metal pole.


  1. Although I don't remember there being any captions narrative in the Scott Pilgrim I read, this somehow manages to capture the voice, tone and tongue-in-cheekiness of the series perfectly, Ryan. And you had me at EC & 80s video games...

  2. How awesome of you to use Splatterhouse, Ryan. Kudos to you, sir.

  3. Hey Rol, thanks mate, I knew I was using the captions unlike the comic but wanted to make it still have some cheeky tone. Glad I got there.

    @Danial - yeah, thought you might like that. Interesting that the original game used that name as well.

    @Ivan - I always loved the ad for this game found in comics, it was always something I'd actually stop and read, ha.

  4. Yeah, I think he has become synonymous with horror now. There was an episode of Fringe that was heavy on the Lovecraft references and when they had to speak to a Dr. West, I think I may have audibly gasped : )


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