Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scott Pilgrim - Vs. The Evil X-Boyfriends - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Scott and his friends are drinking in a dingy club.

WALLACE: So what you’re telling me is this NEW girl, she really IS the woman of your dreams.

SCOTT: Totally, dude. Ramona and all her crazy ex’s… that was just way too much trouble.

Panel Two.

Close on Scott, beer bottle in hand, chatting excitedly.

SCOTT: But Emma… Emma’s like uber-sexy… she dresses like you wouldn’t believe…

SCOTT: It’s like she knows exactly what I’m thinking the whole time we're together… AND she utterly, utterly digs guys named Scott.

Panel Three.

Wider shot. Scott’s sister Stacey comes over. She’s pointing behind her.

STACEY: Sco-ott… there’s some guys here want a word with you.

Panel Four.

Scott looks over in the direction Stacey's pointing, his eyes going wide. Wallace covers his own eyes with a hand.

SCOTT: Gulp!

WALLACE: I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.

Panel Five.

Approaching the table is a group of seven angry individuals. Among them: Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club, Prince Namor the Submariner, Tony Stark (in his Iron Man armour)… and Scott Summers, his visor burning red. Three other characters are seen in shadow only, two men and a woman, just to get the fanboys in a stir because bi-sexuality is, like, SO exciting… if you haven’t left your mum’s basement in the last seven years.

CYCLOPS: Scott… Pilgrim?

Panel Six (set inside panel five).

Headshot of Wallace, peeping out between his fingers.

WALLACE: And… here we go again.


  1. I found this very funny.

    Now I'm wondering who the shadowy figures are/should be.

  2. With Emma's notorious past, they could be ANYBODY.

  3. Excellent thought with this one, Rol. You really took a sub-idea and ran with it. Well paced, excellent set up, perfect execution, and even we are wondering who those shadowy figures are, wonder what the public would think....though, one of them should have been in a wheelchair, ha.

  4. lol Great script! Seriously, who wouldn't battle it out for Ms. Frost!? haha

  5. Ryan - having done some online research, there appears to be much speculation about Emma's past sex life. Fanboys have way too much time.

    Danial - I'd let them have her. A woman who can read your mind? Too dangerous.

  6. Oo yeah, I'd never thought of that :-)


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