Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Scott Pilgrim?

Because, in simple words, this is Scott Pilgrim's finest hour. Not only did the sixth installment of the series come out in the past month, to critical acclaim and great sales, but there's also the movie adaptation that is being released this very week upon unsuspecting masses, and an old school video game tie-in. Whichever one is your preferred media, Scott Pilgrim has got you covered.

I also chose him because so far we have had all characters from Marvel and DC, and I liked that this would present a challenge to my fellow ThoughtBallooners. Not everyone has read all of the books, and that's fine, because no one has read every Superman or Iron Man appearance either. The character also lends itself to comedy, something that is harder to write in a single one page script.

But most of all, I want to see who is the first one that does "Scott Pilgrim: Noir". Stay tuned this week for more of Scott Pilgrim vs. Thought Balloons!

Scott Pilgrim is a character created and owned by Brian Lee O'Malley. Please don't sue us, Mr. O'Malley!


  1. Scott Pilgrim: Noir is the only take I want to see now. I don't think anyone wants to see me trying to channel Max to actually get this script done, ha, so I'll stick to what I think I'm good at (not necessary what I am good at, but I like to think I am, ha).

  2. Well, damn, I was totally going to do Scott Pilgrim: Noir, but now someone's probably beat me to it.

  3. Not me - I'm using a joke that I first thought of and used when I was 12. That's right, this week's script is 16years in teh making. Prepare to be underwhelmed :)

  4. To those who don't know (and for some reason deign to read the comments) THIS is where people usually post their scripts, and we encourage all visitors to give it a crack.

  5. Hmmm, this may just be first week I'll be sitting out : )

  6. Haha, really? Awesome. I'll try to cook something up this time.

  7. This is going to be terrible.

    Scott Pilgrim's Plumtree Discovery

    All panels are pretty much variable.

    Panel 1 - Scott Pilgrim's on the computer, tapping away on the mouse. Let's make this clear, it is 2006 before he met Knives.

    Wallace: Scott! Get off the computer!

    Scott: Alright, alright, hold on a sec.

    Panel 2 - Scott and the computer screen take over the whole panel. It is on youtube (or a rip off) to reveal a video playing called 'Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim'. The image is a screen shot on the flash player of two women smiling.

    SCOTT: What the hell?

    WALLACE: I'm coming in, you better not be doing that I think you might be doing.

    Panel 3 - Scott has the glow of the computer over him as Wallace stand in the background, a lot of the panel is covered by the back of the screen. Black.

    WALLACE: Get off.

    SCOTT: This video is named after me.

    WALLACE: Oh...

    Panel 4: Close up on Wallace's eyes.

    Wallace: If it was named after you, you are pretty immature for a seven year old.

    SCOTT: Oh, yeah.

    Panel 5: Same thing as panel 4, different angle.

    WALLACE: It seems a bit repetitive to me.

    SCOTT: I like it.

    WALLACE: A bit boring.

    SCOTT: You're just a snob.

    Panel 6 - Back to panel 3's style

    WALLACE: Actually, listening to it, you are pretty much as shallow as this song.

    SCOTT: What! Shut up!

    WALLACE: 'I've liked you for a thousand years.
    I can't wait until I see you.' Sounds like you. Although not you, of course, but how you feel about any girl who hints any fondness for you. Scratch that, exists.

    Panel 7 - Panel 4's style

    Scott: I have you-

    Wallace: 'You can't stand to see me that way.
    No matter what I do, no matter what I say.' I cannot really add more than say yeah, you are pretty much that in a nutshell.

    Scott: What do you mean by that?

    Panel 8 - Wallace smerks.

    Panel 9 - Panel 4's style. Wallace back is turned out of the room.

    Scott: Wallace?!

    Wallace: I just remembered, I meeting a friend, see ya later. (Meeting is italicized)

    Panel 10 - Same as panel 8 but Wallace is gone and Scott turned to the empty gap.

    Scott: WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?

    Wallace: Later.

  8. Damn typos. The preview for these comments do not work for me well.


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