Sunday, September 26, 2010

Buffy - Slayerology 101 - Ben Rosenthal

. A wide shot looking from very far away. A girl is standing in a junk yard, her back towards us. Her blonde/brown hair is down, and she is holding a steak in her left hand.

So here’s the deal. I’m a vampire Slayer. I slay vampires. It’s a pretty self explanatory job title.

2. The same shot as before, but closer. The girl is now surrounded by 2 vampires. To the left of the panel, close to us, is the shadow of someone watching the girl. This person is holding binoculars, looking at the girl.

The classics work – sunlight, beheading, wooden steak to the heart.

3. The girl has planted a steak into one vampire, who is half way through the process of turning to dust. At the same time she has kicked the second vampire to the throat.

To help me with the slaying I get strength, speed...

4. The Slayer, face covered by her wild hair, 'dusts' second vampire.

...and the dreams.

Every life, every foe faced by every slayer throughout the ages is all mine.

5. A frame showing the identity of the shadowy person watching our slayer. It is Buffy Summers, holding the binoculars down from her face.

Still doesn’t make this discovery any less of a shock.

6. The face of the Slayer we have just witnessed ‘dusting’ two vampires is revealed – it is that of a girl, around Buffy’s age. However, she is a vampire.

Oh boy.


  1. Nice one. How funny that we both used vampire vampire-hunters in our scripts. Only difference: your's was written with love :-P

  2. I just found it wierd that of al lthe Slayers within the 'Whedonverse' who have died, none were ever shown to have been turned.

    Buffy would of course go up against this vampire vampire slayer, who would be all confused and angry cos shes a slayer, but still a vampire. Classic definition of psychological turmoil.

  3. Nice twist, Ben - and an excellent all-round script. Brilliant work. So many possibilities as to where this might go next.

  4. Small pedantic point- steak and stake are two very different things!

    But got to agree the ending is fab and the way it is presented is a great intro.

  5. Wow, don't I feel like a douche.

    Wait, I can save this....because she is a vampire herself, teh Vamp-Slayer carries around wooden meat in order slay. That way she can never accidently dust herself. Cough.

    Where's that no-prize....


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