Monday, September 27, 2010

Buffy Summers – On My Way To The Zoo – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Buffy sits in a seat at a table in the middle of a bare room. Her hands are chained to the table. Besides the seating arrangement there is no other furniture. She doesn’t look happy at all.
Caption: This place stinks like ass. It’s assy and it’s dirty and it’s not my home.
Caption: I should be home right now with late night tv, a heat pack, and enough ice cream to sink a brown dog.

2. Buffy looks over her shoulder as two large and quiet men enter the room. We can also see that one of the walls of the room is just a large window.
Caption: Instead I’m here with the smiley twins.

3. The first guy is about to hit Buffy in the face, she’s making a very awkward expression.
Caption: He’s going to hit me, isn’t he?

4. A bright red panel.
Caption: This is all I can see while the two men beat on me. I sit still with my hands chained to the table and I taste the ice cream.
Caption: Fudgey.

5. A bruised and broken Buffy looks at the now bloody window while the men exit the room again.
Caption: The ice cream might not be real.
Caption: But neither are these guys.

6. We see reflections of the men in the blood on the window and they don’t look the same. In the blood, these men look like terrible vampire/monster creatures.
Caption: I see what they are and they aren’t fudgey.
Caption: These goons are low level vamps and I’m stuck in this crazy zoo, for now.
Caption: But later I’ll be catching my stories and resting my aching feet, I swear.


  1. Nice script, Ryan. I like the way this works as a standalone page as well as a possible prologue to something more. We don't need to know how and why Buffy got here, and the script works without that background - but I'd sure as hell like to know more.

  2. Great work Ryan. Completely agree with Simon. Plus, you got the 'Buffy speak' down to a spot. Well done.

  3. Wow, this one is a bit darker than what I expected but good to see. I'm imagining Frank Miller style visuals with this one.

  4. I really wasn't sure that I got Buffy's voice right...but i sure tried.

    Glad you liked it just a little bit, thanks guys.

  5. Ryan, I thought the Buffy-speak was spot on. In truth, you probably overdid it SLIGHTLY, but that's always the temptation when you've only got one page to play with. In a longer script I'm sure you would tone it down.


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