Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daredevil – Hiding In Plain Sight – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Daredevil is standing on the ledge of a building, chest out, head high.
Caption: I’m not sure anyone is ever what they appear.
Caption: We’re all just broken pieces stuck together the best we can manage.

2. Daredevil is leaping to the next building, we can see he’s going to land on a fire escape.
Caption: Sometimes you can’t find a seam; other times the scars are all you can see.

3. Daredevil is laying flat against the fire escape floor grill as a search light goes across the wall above him.
Caption: Typhoid Mary. Karen Page. Melvin Potter.
Caption: ...Matthew Murdock.

4. Daredevil smashes a window with his elbow, he grits his teeth against any pain.
Caption: Nothing is what it seems. Ever.

5. A roughly handsome man (he looks kind of like Josh Holloway) walks along the alley, his large collar is up against the mild rain and the broken glass shimmering down.
Caption: This guy’s done nothing but good, so far as I’ve seen.
Caption: Three drug dealers, seven muggers, five bank jobs, and a new Sunturion.

6. The man looks up into the dark alley but Daredevil is gone from where we can see he once was.
Caption: And yet there’s something I can’t quite place.
Caption: I feel like this guy is shattered.

7. The man is brushing glass off his shoulders and looking at the broken glass on the ground. In the reflection of the glass we see an image of the man that looks different, he looks like the old Daredevil foe Man-Bull.
Caption: He’s hiding scars…

8. The man is past the broken glass and is heading out into a smarm of people on the street. We can see that Matt Murdock, with his own coat and dark red glasses, is right behind him.
Caption: …I just have to find them.


  1. Besides having to look up Melvin Potter and Man-Bull, I quite liked this : ) I was also intrigued as to where it might go, which I think is always a good sign. My favourite bit was seeing the different reflection in the broken glass. Nice touch!

  2. I always love it in comics how someone like Man-Bull can walk through the city in a trench coat and hat and not be aske any questions. Same with the THing (or did I totally misinterpret the description, and he is human form?)

    Regardless, great script again Ryan, an I would love to see some more Daredevil -noir scripts from you this week if you have any lying around.

  3. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about Melvin Potter and Man-Bull, I really enjoyed this, specifically the tone of it. I read it and I imagine sketchy art, maybe black and white... which might not've been at all what you were going for, ha, but anything that inspires a reader to imagine the page in ther mind's eye has gotta be considered absolute class.

    Really hooked me, got me interested in where the story might go next.

    The description in Panel 5 - ' he looks kind of like Josh Holloway ' - threw me out of the story for a split second, but from an artist's perspective I imagine references like that would be handy.

  4. I was thinking that this is Man-Bull post surgery, he's actually looking good and normal now, but inside he still sees and feels the bull that he previously was. What he sees in the shattered glass is a representation of his true self, or the old self he's running away from?

  5. I like the way you thought so visually about this script, Ryan. Being a longtime DD reader, I knew exactly who Melvin and Man-Bull were... having read some of those early Man-Bull stories recently, I think he's definite a character ripe for reinvention.

    And you had me at Josh Holloway.

  6. I could imagine this being a great opening to a graphic novel.

  7. Hey Ryan,

    Great stuff again, I could totally visualize this when I was reading it, some great pulpy panels came to mind as I went though, felt like it would be right at home in the middle of Brubakers run on DD,

    Got me thinking about doing a DD page of my own.

  8. Listen to '2 faces' Bruce Springsteen dude!!

    I found this way more sedate than I thought you would produce considering its DD!!

    It's also a slow burner and definitely creates a vivid yet monochromatic picture in the minds eye.

    I would love to see the other 'versions' that have rattled around your nefarious mind. Please?

    Well played!


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