Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daredevil- Justice Is Blind- Will Turner

Panel 1- Matt Murdoch stands, looking up at the courthouse.
Caption: They say justice is blind...

Panel 2- It's night, people walk past as a young black man is beaten up by a pair of white muggers.
Caption: Sometimes it seems mercy and empathy are blind, deaf and mute too.

Panel 3- Daredevil smacks down one of the muggers with his billy club.
Caption: Justice is blind...

Panel 4- And directs a nasty kick toward the nuts of the other.
Caption: So am I...

Panel 5- The victim smiles as he sees Daredevil leap across the skyline, the hook attachment of his club allowing him to swing from building to building.

Caption: But I will spend my life seeing that justice is done.


  1. Short and sweet. I like it! Loved the ol' switcheroo in the last line too :)

  2. Will, this one is simple and short but it's got a classic punch. It doesn't need to connect to anything else and that works for what it is.


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