Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daredevil - Rumspringa - Matt Duarte

Daredevil in “Rumspringa” by Matt Duarte

This page is to be laid out in six panels, a two columns by three rows grid. The caption should be in a handwriting font, as it is a letter being written.

Panel 1

Description: A teenage Amish boy is walking through the streets of New York. He is wearing typical Amish clothes (button down blue shirt, black pants with suspenders, etc.), which looks very out of place in the city, specially at night. His name is David.

CAPTION (David): Dear Father and Dear Mother:

CAPTION (David): Before I left on my Rumspringa journey, you warned me that the Devil lives in big and modern cities like this one; that he tempts people and makes them want to stay in this sinful place.

Panel 2

Description: David is walking into a dark alley, where he runs into a group of thugs, who look menacing and are making threatening gestures at him. They are sporting brass knuckles, carrying switch blades, etc.

CAPTION (David): The city is indeed a dangerous place, and the Devil DOES live here, but we must not fear him, for our pure hearts and noble deeds protect us from his clutches.

CAPTION (David): Earlier today I took a wrong turn and I walked into a dangerous situation, just like the ones you warned me about.

Panel 3

Description: Daredevil has leaped right in the middle of the group of thugs, landing a punch and a kick as he closed upon them. David is looking from a distance at the scene.

CAPTION (David): And right there before my very eyes, the Devil himself appeared, wearing what seemed to be a human suit that grotesquely hid his features.

CAPTION (David): Though the horns proved too big of a challenge for his sad attempt of a disguise. Even from a distance, I could see them protruding from his skull.

Panel 4

Description: Daredevil continues to dispatch of the thugs, though this time he is using his trusty billy club, whipping it around and hitting them. He is in a particularly shadowy section of the alley, and David can only see parts of what’s going on.

CAPTION (David): The Devil attacked the sinful group that had stood before me. He delivered painful attacks upon all of them, surely punishing them for their cruel deeds.


CAPTION (David): Even now, as I close my eyes, I can still hear his infernal tail whipping around as it attacked them.

Panel 5

Description: Daredevil is now standing by himself, all around him in the floor lays the group of thugs. He has his back turned towards the reader and towards David, who is still looking at the scene.

CAPTION (David): Once he was done torturing these evil people, I knew he would turn towards me, but he didn’t look in my direction as he said, in a low and guttural voice...

DAREDEVIL: You can go. I know you have done nothing wrong.

Panel 6

Description: David is now running out of the alley, in fear. Meanwhile, Daredevil looks at him from atop a building.

CAPTION (David): And that is why I am returning with you to the settlement, for now I have learned two important lessons: One, that our path is righteous and pure, since the Devil himself dared not harm me.

CAPTION (David): And two, that the Devil will never leave this city, since he will be eternally busy with his task to punish the sinners that live here.

The End


  1. Hey Matt - this is a great short that paints a slightly different vision of Daredevil. It doesn't really make sense that he's the good guy, or at least was, and he calls himself a devil and has horns. Loved the billy club as his tail.

    Plus, we get to laugh at the Amish --- how come none of the thugs dumped an ice cream on him, though. And I don't reference the Simpsons there but rather the source material.

  2. I'll be honest, the billy club as the devil's tale seemed like such an obvious connection/metaphor, that I was afraid that some writer had already made it in one of DD's comics. I wouldn't be surprised if they had, but if not, I'm totally copyrighting that shit!

  3. An original perspective, very clever.


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